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    Thanks Empire.
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    No complaints as of yet. The website isn't covered in annoying advertisements, enhancing user experience by giving visitors a positive first-time impression, which hopefully encourages them to register.
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    Donate money?

    Many factors determine this. If I can see the monies is going back into the community and not into the owners pocket, I will chip in and donate what can be afforded at the time. I wouldn't say I like setting up recurring payments or subscriptions for donations.
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Stopping by to say hello to the rest of the community!
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    Trying to get approved by Google Adsense any tips?

    @Dotgician - There isn't a set amount of posts, articles, or traffic that a website needs to be approved for the Adsense publisher program. What matters the most is the quality of the content on your page and its likelihood of bringing organic traffic from Google indexing. Is your site still...
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    Google AdSense, YouTube Monetization, Review Process Explained

    Another important factor to note is that you should avoid creating multiple accounts to bypass a website that was not approved the first time. Good video, overall, though. If you're an honest webmaster, create good quality content and adhere to the Adsense Publisher Terms, you shouldn't have...
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    Using a VPN

    If I'm using a new website or service that I am not familiar with, I shall switch to my VPN to protect my identity and precise location. After being a member for some time, if I'm happy with how trustworthy a site is, I will not mask my location through this method.
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    How did you find us?

    I have seen Forum Promotion advertised on Bizdustry several times when @Alexander sends out private messages and emails. I finally got around to registering and introducing myself on this platform. The nice-looking forum you have here.
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    Thank you Allan, are you from Bizdustry too?
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    I'm not sure what the differences are between Moderna Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine is. I have had my jab, and I would suggest all the people who are against it get it done and help stop the spread of COVID. We don't want COVID in this time next year
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    I'm Eannan, a member at Bizdustry and was introduced to Forum Promotion by @Alexander from Bizdustry after a Mass Email was sent out. I'm living in the US.