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    WTB Forums

    I might be interested in purchasing your forum. Let me know what you have and I’ll take a look. Thanks!
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    We Love the Eighties

    This item has been removed.
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    Thoughts on Going to Jail

    Food good in jail? Have you eaten food in jails? Lol there’s nothing good about it unless all you eat is fast food.
  4. EasyPete

    Thoughts on Going to Jail

    Usually you’ll only experience claustrophobia is if you’re in a segregation unit or in max. If not claustrophobia would be the least of your concern. I’m speaking about the prison system in the US mind you. Not sure how they are elsewhere although in all reality in theory they serve the same...
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    Critique my new forum

    If there’s one thing I learned in the past is that threads with questions is one way to get guests to register and engage. Obviously it also helps to traffic but that comes in due time. Another thing I learned is that patience is a must for new forums.
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    Critique my new forum

    I took a real liking for IPB. Don't get me wrong I like Xenforo too but they don't do it for me. Thanks!
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    Critique my new forum

    Thanks for the input and yes I'm on invision all the time asking how do I do this or that lol. I really appreciate your opinion and thoughts on my look. As for my theme I use ipsfocus.com. He has some great fast loading themes and he's very helpful with any advice you need on how to edit this...
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    Critique my new forum

    Long story... Thanks! For the header I had to make to make it large in order fit the whole background image in. As for the logo it automatically goes towards the left. Too much work to get into the css and start coding. As for the empty forums I just put online yesterday. I'm not advertising...
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    Critique my new forum

    Yes it sure is. I learned the hard way. This is also why I have a designated DMCA agent and a dmca policy to deal with such things. If there's a copyright issue they'll contact my lawyer that deals with that stuff and he'll tell me to take down the copyrighted material. Plus I save myself from...
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    Critique my new forum

    Awesome and thanks. I was hoping it wasn’t too much in a way that took look of a forum away. As for the pictures and banner I paid for each image so this way I don’t have to worry about any kind of copyright issues.
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    Critique my new forum

    Ladies and gentlemen I welcome your critique on my new general chat forum. I went even a step further and used a dot page as a tld. Please let me know what you guys and gals think and where I could use improvement or change. Thanks! iTalk.page
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    Any of you played Age of Empires?

    One of my favorite games ever. Age of kings expansion is my ultimate. I never get bored of playing that. Been playing it for over 15 years now. I always chose the Byzantines.
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    Seeking user to help get my new project going

    I'm in search of a user that would like to help me get my new project going. Your responsibilities would be simple. Post a thread or two every day, ideas for sections and to me help promote the forum. The position could be permanent or until and if it takes off. My requirements are the...
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    Realm Of Horrors Community

    I've had a lot of time on hands since I've been laid off and started my second forum which is based on horror films and what not. If you're into horror films pay a visit at RealmOfHorrors.com. It is still in it's extreme infancy stages.
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    Looking for forum posters

    I'm in search for two forum posters. Candidates must be adults in their late thirties or older and must be fluent in English. I'll need you to post a combination of threads and posts for a minimum of two months. It's for a brand new forum dedicated to Generation X hence why I'm only looking for...