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    We now have a dark mode

    That's right! Today, GeezeZone added a dark mode skin to the site! I'm very excited about this!
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    How many posts does your forum have?

    Niice congrats on your post count!
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    Whats your favorite season?

    Lmao that's funny because I happen to love rain. 🤣
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    Your first forum?

    Oohh nice! What year did you start it?
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    Whats your favorite season?

    Aahh I also love the early spring when the snow is slowly clearing up.
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    Completed for GeezeZone

    Thank you very much!
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    3.x memories

    Apparently not lol. When I first saw vB 3 I wanted to get a copy sooo bad. When I eventually started my Q Army project, I was so excited. It's so damn professional looking!
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    3.x memories

    Man its sad that this section is so empty... who else here LOVED vBulletin 3.x? It was my absolute favorite software as a teen!
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    Oh boy tons of updates!

    Thank you all! Your support really means the world to me. :D
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    old free domain hosts

    I'm trying to remember some of the other ones I used to usr but that was a long time ago.
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    Restart an old forum or create a brand new?

    New one. I tried my hand at trying to revive an old forum of my own from 2007, only to find most of the old users emails either dont work or were abandoned. Of course my old site's niche was fairly exclusive to that group too, so recruiting NEW members to that project proved far too daunting...
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    old free domain hosts

    I'm referring to free registrars like, .tk and sorry about that. Can't say I ever saw used alot though.
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    Duuuude I remenber all the different invisionfree forums that were made JUST to share custom modification code and styles and stuff like that! I LOVED invisionfree as a teenager.
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    ShamelessHosts 2.0?

    Ooohh I really like the idea of this! Scams and companies that use nulled software deserve to be called out!
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    old free domain hosts

    So as a teenager, I used to need free domain hosts since I couldn't afford the real deal. There were so many out at the time, what were some free domains/sub-domains you used or use?