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    What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

    I think the older people get the more you can't handle the sleep.
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    What is one thing you miss about being a kid?

    Just being a kid who plays allot LOL And not to worry about work or income and let your family spend it all on you.
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Morning everyone in the UK part side
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    I was wondering the same thing and still haven't got to watch it yet
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    Independence Day

    It's not as bad as the lots of reviews says regards the last one that they made. It had a lot of expectations and came up well short of them. So it got slammed by critics much harder than it should. The characters were a little flat and it wasn't funny like the first one. The character that was...
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    What are your favorite TV shows?

    -Grand Tour -Justified -Hells on wheels -game of thrones -Chicago fire More but it's top 5 then again most of mine are not in order LOL
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    If you were stuck on a deserted island...

    I would have food or at least make items to make food with and 90% of the food would be fish and so craft an stick with a pointed sharp end. Also HAve naked girls with me :P and have an party with beers..
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    What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

    Just over 48 hours and never do that again, Partly since I wake up at 5am to catch three flights and I never can get any sleep on aircrafts. From Tas to Sydney then to United Arab Emirates to London.
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    getting late but still here doing my last posting around lol
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    I Swear To God, Don't Ask Anything.

    sounds fun?
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    yo yo yoooo
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    The Life Inn

    Not that month yet lol
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    late night chat hello!!!!!!!
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    Time Now?