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    Bad Landing Page

    I think it definitely needs a lot more pizzazz. The theme you found looks a lot better. I'd recommend having a nice graphic for your Facebook group as well.
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    How Would You Make And Manage A General Discussion Forum

    To answer your question: - I, firstly, probably wouldn't make a general discussion forum for the reasons people already outlined. I did run one for some time but that was on the back of a successful gaming forum that later changed genres. But if I were to make one from scratch, I'd start with...
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    Normal Age To Own A Home

    My partner bought one in his early 20s. He rents it out and uses that to offset mortgage payments. I want to do something similar but I'm waiting for our current government to get out of power so prices can come down. It does feel like these days you either don't have one or you're a 60yr...
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    Free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop?

    GIMP if you want the closest thing to free Photoshop. Inkscape if you you want to use vector graphics.
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    Otaku Island

    It's Spanish now? Twitter and Discord links are broken.
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    In a lot of cases way more effective than traditional banning. They're often looking for attention so when they don't get it they lose all their power.
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    FP Meet Up

    I'd be ok with a meet up but I wouldn't go to another continent for it. :b Discord, Google Hangout, Slack, anything would be better than Skype.
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    Web2019 ideas

    I've never seen so many bad ideas in one thread.
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    A No Specific Topic Niche Forum(Similar To My Old One)

    My suggestion is don't make a "No Specific Topic Niche" forum. It has been done to death and you'll have a hard time standing out and finding an audience. Additionally social media is way more convenient and efficient for general chit chats so you'd have to compete alongside that. You can make...
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    What's your favourite Rock Band?

    I thought you meant the video game and for that I would answer, "The Beatles: Rock Band." XD
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    Why don't you have a site?

    11 years of removing spambots is quite the burn out.
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    Social Media

    Repost only the finest memes.
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    Will also accept Bitcoin

    Will also accept Bitcoin
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    (Closed) Free 25FP$

    Sure. Thank you!