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    Completed ForumCoin posts please

    Site URL: Package: Ruby Total posts on your forum: 323,000 + Packager Preferences: (Any preference on who completes the package?) No Area Preferences: (Any preference on which areas on your forum you would like us to make the posts?) - preferably in CGT, Webmaster or BMW...
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    ForumCoin - New World Currency

    ForumCoin is going strong with over 320,000 posts. Looking forward to seeing you there soon :)
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    WWE Forums - Wrestling Discussion & News

    The forum looks great and the domain name is excellent. Good luck with it and continued success.
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    ForumCoin - New World Currency

    Thanks jamephan are you member on ?
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    70,000 Posts @ GameRebels - 10k Posts in 1 month

    Thanks very much for all those details Jordan, that really is very helpful and much appreciated. Wishing you continued success and growth for your forum.
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    70,000 Posts @ GameRebels - 10k Posts in 1 month

    Thanks for all that Jordan, the new shop homepage looks really excellent, as do all the existing graphics on the forum. I've been considering offering Steam codes on ForumCoin. Do you mind me asking which Steam site you are purchasing the codes from?
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    70,000 Posts @ GameRebels - 10k Posts in 1 month

    That's excellent, well Jordan and all involved. The forum really does look great and I hope it continues to be successful for you. You reward members with game codes, are those codes for your own site or for another gaming platform?
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    Count to 2017!!!!!

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    ForumCoin - New World Currency

    New members always welcome at
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    Count to 2017!!!!!

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    Malwr - Tech & Security Blog

    Best of luck with your new forum, great to see members from here joining and posting.
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    4000 interviews on Authors Interviews

    Well done Fiona that really is great and I hope the site continues to grow for you.
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    ForumCoin - New World Currency

    Thanks very much for your kind words TDK. ForumCoin is very active at the moment, with just under 295,000 posts.
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    Popularity breeds detractors

    Unfortunately it is very true. Anyone who is successful and popular sadly receives a lot of criticism, no matter how much good they do in the world and how much they help others.