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    Windows 11

    Windows 11 won't support old computers while Windows 10 does excellent job in supporting them, which is a terrible decision by Microsoft.
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    Do you still own a printer?

    My printer is also a scanner and a copy machine and I use it a lot.
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    Hello ForumPromotion

    I got this message too, this spammer floods the entire forum :confused: Welcome :smuggrin:
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    Kodi Beginner

    Learn all you need to know about Kodi, streaming apps and other related stuff. The site contains many tutorials, guides,, reviews and news and it is updated regularly with new and interesting content.
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    ✔️ Completed Christianity Haven vs FunJoint ?
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    ✔️ Completed VGR vs Kodi Beginner ?
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    We now have 1,000 coders on Code Forum!

    Congras :D Excellent achievement!
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    Favourite Asian Foods?

    I love sushi.
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    Best WhatsApp Alternative?

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    How Often Do You Back Up Your Computer?

    My computer is configured for backup once a month.
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    Christianity Haven 200,000 posts!

    This is awesome!