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    Suggestion Revamp / Bulk Email

    This crap needs to stop. I’m no grumpy pissy Retired Admin, but this is just ridiculous. Why is he being entertained when he says to shut down FP? He shouldn’t be allowed back with his conduct.
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    Suggestion Revamp / Bulk Email

    This needs to be said. There’s yet another Deleted member in this topic. If it’s who I think it is, that needs to stop. Four or five accounts whatever we’re on is incredibly ridiculous and shouldn’t have been allowed to progress this far.
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    For a few things, yeah. :D Being busy in life. Haiii Tums. :D Hello, I appreciate the offer, but I'll have to decline.
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

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    Not sure. Can't choose. I don't like math. :P
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    Solved Did I Post in the wrong section?

    The archives aren’t locked because members may have questions sometimes and so rather than using PM’s, it’s more organized in their thread. No harm done with your post as it was an accident, just always double check where you’re posting. :)
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    lmao again?

    lmao again?
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    Welcome. Who were you previously on FP?
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    Solved Posting Packages

    I don’t think it would be that urgent to use the free service, and I’m sure that once the service comes back they’d be able to use it. They’re not just not gonna honor it. :P
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    Feedback Hashtags

    It's not even that. It's literally that people are using them to advertise for their sites where they shouldn't be advertised. You shouldn't be advertising in posts outside of the Promotion Directory or your signature, and people are using the hashtags to bypass that.
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    Feedback Hashtags

    It's literally coming down to some people so desperate to get their site exposure that they're willing to embarrass themselves, and they're clearly proud of it.
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    Feedback Hashtags

    No, it just makes people look incredibly desperate.
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    Feedback Hashtags

    I'm bumping this up, because they're starting to get out of hand. Particularly the ones advertising.
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    Tapatalk holds your members?

    I’m not talking about hosted forums. I’m talking about members who sign up through Tapatalk to a self hosted forum.