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    Looking to Battle The Fireside Chats vs. ____________

    Who wants to battle The Fireside Chats?
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    Looking to Battle Nightly Frights vs. ____________

    Who wants to battle Nightly Frights?
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    FP$ Signature needed.....

    I've donated the FP $ to you for your work. I've also added your affiliate button to both my forum and my blog.
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    What is the longest you have gone without sleep?

    I think the longest I went without sleep was probably around 36 hours but that was when I was younger and I could handle it. I have to have my sleep now.
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    FP$ Signature needed.....

    Okay, how much do you wish to have for each signature? An affiliate button is easier because that's the only place on my forum to advertise (except for members who are allowed to advertise in their signature). It'll be displayed at the bottom of the index page where everyone can easily see it.
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    FP$ Signature needed.....

    I'm willing to pay FP $ for each one of them. That doesn't bother me. If you have an 88 x 31 affiliate button, I can link back to your blog on both of my sites.
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    What contests did you find the most successful?

    Yeah, I think that's the problem that a lot of forum owners have. They're using free hosting to host their community because they don't have the money to spend on hosting to begin with. Other owners that have spent their money on hosting, have spent what money they do have on the hosting and...
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    FP$ Signature needed.....

    @MrDangem Okay, I'm happy with that. How about I just pay you for all ten of the signatures that you made and I'll let the community decide which ones they like the best. So, how much do you want for these last 10 signatures?
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    FP$ Signature needed.....

    I like these better. Can I get them with just the name of my forum on them as the only text? Also, I think the one you made for the Fireside Chats is too difficult to read as well. I just want to the title of my blog on it.
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    What do you do when you are stressed?

    Normally, I'll go take a nice, warm shower. I always do that when I get home from work. I find it soothing. Then I'll have the rest of the evening to read, which is something else I find relaxing.
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    Nightly Frights

    We've got some new and exciting things coming our way when we hit 50 members. Total posts: 2129 Total members: 48 Our newest member is Kyra
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    The Fireside Chats

    I now have 82 articles on my blog and there are 38 people following my blog. Come by and check out my blog!
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    Interested in daily exchanges

    I need some more people to do exchanges with. I'm willing to do one time exchanges if you don't want to do daily exchanges. I'm also okay with someone having to post in the off topic section if they don't know much about the niche` on the forum.
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    What niches fit a dark theme?

    I think my forum would do better with a dark theme because of the niche'. I think some would do okay with a light and a dark theme, like a general forum. That way, you could please the member base regardless of which one they prefer.
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    Reading Books

    I love to read! Hence, why my blog is centered around reading and literature. I tend to read fictional books because I like to read for the fun of it.