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    Hello FP

    Welcome to FP Nous!
  2. Guardian

    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    What's going on y'all?
  3. Guardian

    Completed Soccer Forums

    Thank you!
  4. Guardian

    WTB Soccer/Football Content

    Yep, sent on Fiverr.
  5. Guardian

    Selling WORLDS FIRST Gaming Convention with a built in MMO

    This is a very interesting concept. Very curious to see how it goes and hope its successful!
  6. Guardian

    Content Madness Hype - FP$

    Joined and dropped in 5 posts as Aeowulf. Nothing too long, tried to be organic, so, pay what you wish: https://www.baysidegamers.com/profile/412-aeowulf/
  7. Guardian

    WTB Soccer/Football Content

    Looking to build up content on a soccer forum. Any and all soccer/futbol content is needed. Let me know if you can do this and your rates.
  8. Guardian

    Info Site Battle Madness 2021 - Submissions

    Site Name: Makestation Site Link: https://makestation.net/ Site Name: Aeowulf Site Link: https://aeowulf.com
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    Selling Alexander's - Forum Shop

    How are you with soccer content?
  10. Guardian

    Info Package Service Feedback Thread v2.0

    Member(s) That Completed Your Package: Cumulus, Lord Saru, Alexander URL to Package Request Topic: https://forumpromotion.net/forum/threads/aeowulf.165953/ What Did You Like About Your Package?: Worked how I wanted it. How Can We Improve?: No complaints! Package Rating: 9 Would you like to...
  11. Guardian

    Come win a new gaming console!

    Awesome contest! I hope it works out for you and a lucky winner!
  12. Guardian

    Who let the doge out...

    Go for DigiByte. It's a legitimate AltCoin, cheaper fees than BTC, faster transaction speeds, and still affordable at ~$0.03.
  13. Guardian

    Simple Logo and Social media Images

    This has been completed. Thanks @meetdilip
  14. Guardian

    Who let the doge out...

    That one will surprise me. They have certain criteria that I don't think DOGE will ever meet sadly. :(