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    Completed BaysideGamers

    I am having issues with signing up to the forum, I cannot pass the security test for some reason
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    Completed BaysideGamers

    Emerald Package Request Accepted! Status Topics: 4/4 Posts: 8/8 Team Members working on this package: htb24 (0 posts) (no-show-cancelled) Jason76 posting as jy76 (2/2 threads, 4/4 replies) Jason76 posting as jy76 (2/2 threads, 4/4 replies)
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    The Flat Earth Society and Other Stuff

    Everything should be considered and debated so that is can be disproved. Flat Earth society is easily the most ridiculous as it has been debunked from every possible angle.
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    Solved [Completed. Thank You For Participating] Free Username Changes For The Holidays [Request Thread]

    Current Username: htb24 Holiday Username: Santa's little helper Have you read the Limitations & Conditions?: yes
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    Last thing on TV you watched

    Last thing I watched on TV was the football game Man City vs West Ham.
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Same :P
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    Ask htb24

    I am happy now :D
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    What's up Empire?
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    Post/Cash Achievements 5.0

    Just hit 1600 posts :)
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    Looks good, hope EA fix battlefront II as the concept for the game series has a lot of potential.
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    Thanks, Tay Tay!

    Ever been to the UK?
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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Hey everyone!
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    Hey there, welcome to FP!