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Recent content by Hugop

  1. Hugop

    Paid - $ Writing and Web Development Work in Exchange for Paying Hosting (Monthly)

    Why don't you just move to one host? Doesn't seem to make sense to have multiple, your HostGator baby plan allows unlimited domains.
  2. Hugop

    Hey! I've been learning more programming languages and now have a job. It's been a long time...

    Hey! I've been learning more programming languages and now have a job. It's been a long time since I used to be active on FP, hope you like your new position on FP :D
  3. Hugop

    Ya still alive? =o

    Ya still alive? =o
  4. Hugop

    Is paid advertising a shortcut to success?

    It's not a shortcut to success but attention. You get noticed faster than the organic way.
  5. Hugop

    Looking for Hacktober GitHub repos

    DigitalOcean is hosting its Hacktober event this year, where you contribute to open-source projects to win a t-shirt. Details: https://hacktoberfest.digitalocean.com/ I am looking for open-source repos with the Hocktober label to contribute. Post the GitHub link, and participants (including...
  6. Hugop

    Postloop is Back

    One of my referrals purchased +$5k worth of services, Ionicware must be freaking rich.
  7. Hugop

    [PAID] Seeking forum managers

    Bump, reviving this.
  8. Hugop

    Free hosting in exchange of backlink and banner

    I will host your website for free in exchange of a banner ad(advertisement) and a backlink. Server plan: - max 30GB - max 8GB RAM - enough bandwidth - max 300processes - cPanel - max 30 subdomains and MySql databases -max 50 e-mail accounts - no add-on domains (but I can give you another cPanel...
  9. Hugop

    Thank you for 50FP!

    Thank you for 50FP!
  10. Hugop

    Why I Think WebGL is Amazing!

    I have used WebGL in ~2015 and had problems with its slow loading (I assume it uses lazyload). Just like your website, it takes ~40seconds to fully load Mars, which stopped me from doing bigger projects. I hope it keeps improving, or something even better replaces it.
  11. Hugop

    Completed Share YouTube Videos VS Promotion Era

    Thanks for the notice, the forum is actually updated. I thought it would be better to change the core version instead of the plug-in one :P But yeah, need to hide that. Thanks for telling!
  12. Hugop

    Completed Share YouTube Videos VS Promotion Era

    I have voted, good luck to you too :)
  13. Hugop

    Paid/Free Vecta Hosting Now Hiring Open Positions

    Could you tell us more about Vecta? How big is the team currently? How many paid users are there?
  14. Hugop

    *huuuuug* :D

    *huuuuug* :D