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    Looking to a Partner for a Hosting Company

    Site Name: Layer Serve Link to site: http://www.layerserve.com Positions Available: Partner Please PM me for more information. Thanks,
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    Recent Downtime

    Glad to see that we're back online again!
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    PHP vs RoR

    PHP is faster and much more stable although it does really depend on many factors like the environment.
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    Promoting a Forum = backlinks? And what are backlinks?

    Yes, backlinks are usually when you put your link on another website and that website links back to your website.
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    8GB or 16GB

    It really depends on what games you're playing but it's obviously better to go with a larger RAM.
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    24/7 Support

    If you know what you're doing, then 24/7 support isn't too important. It's only important if you're new to web hosting and management.
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    Thanks guys for the warm welcome!
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    Hey guys

    Welcome to FP!
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    Does SSL certificates need to bought?

    Yeah, it doesn't come with your domain in most cases. For an SSL certificate, it really depends on the kind of you want to get. The more expensive ones are ones that cover more or have more liability to them.
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    Hello everyone! How is everyone doing? Glad to be here!
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    Countdown From 2013 Before 2013

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    free Hosting

    I agree. Once a site launches, I don't plan on moving hosts, ever. (unless I need to switch to a faster package)
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    iPhone 5 Release Date :)

    Yeah I saw this yesterday the first second they published it. One of the guys weren't supposed to release this info. :/
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    New Logo

    Wouldn't you say the same about the theme?
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    New Logo

    Nah, I think this current one looks good.