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    250,000 UV+ Kmayo for sale 3000$

    Hello, I am the proud owner and operator of It is a traffic exchange system like wahoha or mgid. However it is a lot cleaner. It has been growing by leaps and bounds recently. The average number of uniques per day is 15,000. I am saying the website has 250,000 UV to be completely...
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    A new service?

    Moral? That is a bit over stepping it. It is for FPs own benefit to stay ahead of the rest.
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    Guys you can preregister new gTLDS

    My best ones are as follows:
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    S2F vs Interhub

    I voted for interhub since I like their community idea better.
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    AdsLotto 1,000 Posts and Exciting Contests

    I wish I had that kind of money to blow so that I could jumpstart my site. Do you have a 1000000 dollars or are you planning on making that by so many people posting ads?
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    AdsLotto 1,000 Posts and Exciting Contests

    Is 1000000$ the actual prize?
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    20000-30000 Uniques Per Day 728x90 Advertising Spot

    Hello, I am selling the 728x90 advertising location on for 200$ for one month. The website receives between 20000 and 30000 unique visitors a day with no advertising on my part. The advertisement shows up on all webpages on the website. If you are interested, or would like further...
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    Would you Join?

    I am interested in starting a political forum. I just want to know if anyone would join if I did. I found a really cool forum software that won't be fully released for a year and I get to test it. Any thoughts?
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    Cmt Sports Forum vs. CenterStageSports

    CMT, if it was based on the contribution you give to the forum I would vote for you, but I was only judging the forums so I had to vote for centralstagesports
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    Ad Space Give Away

    I am giving away adspace on my website for 1 week periods at a time for free. Only for three weeks. There are currently two add positions available. 1. 300x250 Sidebar Ad 2. 160x600 Skyscraper Ad Please provide me with the banner and link to your site if you are interested...
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    Free Advertising No Exchange

    Approved your website. Both of you must understand that you have to submit an article in the add a post section of Kmayo.
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    Free Advertising No Exchange

    I have activated your account.
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    Free Advertising No Exchange

    I approved it, because it is not really informative content I put a [sponsor] tag on it :)
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    Free Advertising No Exchange

    It is easiest if you use a blog or a website, although I guess a forum thread may work. Once you sign up with your username and website and those have been verified (which I have for you). You can submit a post in the webmaster CP. Click Webmaster login.
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    Free Advertising No Exchange

    Yes, there is a link now. Sorry about that.