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    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Goodnight, Empire! :D
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    How many PMs do you have?

    I have 24 pages. :openmouth:
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    Hey! Welcome to ForumPromotion. :)
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    Saw Ariana Grande last night! :OOOOO

    Saw Ariana Grande last night! :OOOOO
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    Christianity Haven has reached 7,000 threads!

    Congratulations! :openmouth:
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    Private sub-forums?

    On Webmaster.College, we just have a staff forum. :P
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    Worst Remake

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    Posting at work or school

    Yes. I always have downtime at work. And when I mean always...I mean ALWAYS. I'm mostly researching decor for my apartment, scrolling through FaceBook, or on forums.
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    What is your favorite free graphics editing software / app ?

    Canva is highly used nowadays. Like you said, GIMP and Pixlr are good ones as well. There aren't many. If you're looking for a Photoshop-alternative, I'd choose GIMP.
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    Gold Group

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    Gold Group

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    Gold Group

    Hecc yeah.
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    Free Moderator for a new and unique Webmaster forum

    We are still looking for a community moderator for Webmaster.College! Weekly/daily tasks include (but not limited to): Moderating the forum as whole Posting at least 12 posts per week Keeping staff leader up-to-date regarding absences If you are interested, please shoot me a private message...
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    My Resignation From Forums

    Be good to yourself. Thank you for all you contributed to Forum Promotion. :)
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    Directory Website

    Personally, I don't like the idea of directory sites. If I'm looking for a particular website, I'll look up a keyword on google followed by "website". If I'm looking for a forum, I usually go to the community forums of major forum platforms and I'll go through their forum directory, along with...