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    Need people

    Hello, I am starting a new website for buying and selling apps, websites and domains like flippa. Any name recommended ?? Also im looking for moderators to run the website with me. Who ever have experience in this kind of websites PM me
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    Lokking for moderators for my forum

    Hello, I am looking for moderators to watch my website, who ever is interested please answer these questions in a private message:- 1- Name? 2- Age? 3- years of experience in forums? 4- what do you think you should as a moderator. 5- expected payment? regards
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    Hiring Paid Posters

    Looking to hire people to make threads & post on my forum, trying to get as much content on it as possible while it is still in beta. PM me your rates if interested. Its about crypto currency and making money online.
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    Moderators and help desk needed

    The role of the mods is o make sure the forum is running well, no spams ban spammers approve on some threads. answering questions so whoever is interested PM ME please
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    Moderators and help desk needed

    Hello Everyone, The new forum is ready and published now all you need to do is signup and start posting to earn some Welcome to Our new forum : Earn 350 FD Tokens per referral Earn 50 FD Tokens per new thread Earn 20 FD Tokens per new reply Earn 100 FD Tokens for...
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    Moderators and help desk needed

    Hello, I'm thinking about starting new forum (Paid to post forum)... I'm looking for new ideas for my forum what topics shall i add what are people looking for to talk about? also, I'm looking to start a team before i run the forum. Looking for 1-2 moderators and 2-3 help desk Please contact...