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    Welcome to the forum pal ;)
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    500FP For 10 Minutes Of Designing!

    Simple ... this image I drew out in Paint. I've done a very rough horrible paint job of a side profile of a man in a hard hat, outlined in white on a blue background. I would love for someone to reproduce this images so it looks sharp and professional, using the same colors and format. And...
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    Top20Global - Get the top 20 global songs each week!

    Re: Top20Global.com Very nice site. But you might want to consider linking each song to a Youtube video so people can listen to it too ;) Great design on the site!
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    25,000 Posts On Forum Hour!

    Justin! Huge congratulations! What an awesome achievement. 25,000 posts already ... keep it up and go aim for the 30k now!
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    Get 50FP For 1 Post Only!

    Only limiting this to one per member each but alright, will let this one pass ;) Sent ya another 100!
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    Get 50FP For 1 Post Only!

    Thanks Flux :) Great post made.
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    Get 50FP For 1 Post Only!

    Donated 50FP each to ya! :)
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    How many posts does your forum have?

    It was a decision by my staff members while I was inactive for a few months. They wanted to clear the clutter of the forum. They pruned old topics, posts and members.
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    New services and features at Web Boosts!

    Great new features Mark! Already a member of the forum! Great place :)
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    Web Boosts

    Nice site you got there mate, gonna sign up now :)
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    How to promote a forum

    Take advantage of promotion forums. Take some time to read this useful guide by a member of this forum : viewtopic.php?f=22&t=95270 It will answer your question for sure ;)
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    How many posts does your forum have?

    Time for me to boast just a bit. My forum currently has 60745 posts ... we pruned the forum a while back when we had 90,000+.
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    Remove Post Please

    Re: ForumReview.org Its a good domain name indeed ;) If you're going to start a "interview" kind of site where you interview owners of forums, I suggest you run it on a blog platform. Makes more sense that way. Wish you the best!
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    Advertisements - Your view?

    I like advertisements, especially ads with nice graphics. But of course, too much of them is annoying ;)