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    What’s New on FP?

    Bought it. Never got the trophy Also, should have a "Legacy" category that has trophies that are no longer obtainable. Such as giving people a "Valued Contributor" trophy for those who use to be one.
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    What is this called?

    You're talking about the Canvas Animation? Could try searching for .mousemove() javascripts scripts for canvas animations.
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    Technabyte Officially Opened Today - Free For First Month

    Congrats on the opening. What are your thoughts on the HUGE cPanel price increases? Some companies are facing 800% increase in license costs because cPanel is switching from per server license to per user account pricing.
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    Site Mascot?

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    Hawkhost shall i go for it

    HawkHost is actually one of those hosts that even I would recommend :)
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    Hacked after selling a site on Flippa

    Did you transfer ownership of everything before receiving the funds? o.O
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    Hive Gamurs | Social Gaming Platform

    Be sure to stay up to date on the latest and greatest gaming deals! Check it out: Know any good deals yourself? Feel free to submit some! From the Blog: Fortnite 14 Days Of Summer Begins EA Claims Loot Boxes Are Just “Surprise Mechanics” You Can Now Play Prop...
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    Depends on what the challenge is.

    Depends on what the challenge is.
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    Solved Why threads' covers need moderation approval?

    Anyone could do the same in any thread/reply too xD
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    Feedback Hashtags

    As stated above, a lot of the post already are breaking the rules. I don't see a reason to have a specific rule about hashtags. The very first rule of the forums is as follows. A single reply with just a hashtag promoting a site breaks that rule right there. And staff is just letting people...
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    Feedback Hashtags

    Problem is, it would be better if the hashtags were being used naturally, like any other site that has them. It's instead being used as a spam feature. Like some of the posts above. It's a actually breaking FPs rules and nothing is being done about it. Posting off topic or spam messages in a...
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    Easily Earn 650+ $FP

    $FP sent your way :) Did you try a PW reset?
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    Paid - $ Unique Social Gaming Platform Hiring

    OP updated. Some positions still open.
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    Completed JoyFreak vs. GamingBoards (GamingBoards)

    I'll vote if the poll is extended :)
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    I'm not leaving Forum Promotion

    Did you just assume their gender? :eek::eek::eek: