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    Solved Didn't find where to check ✔️ on a vote

    Please, on the previous contest the involved Bizdustry, I didn't find where to check✔️ to cast my vote, do identify what was the cause a Fi it. Kind regards.
  2. Kayzzy3

    ✔️ Completed Bizdustry.com vs Webmaster.place

    I dont understand yet, is the vote reserved for certain users??
  3. Kayzzy3

    ✔️ Completed Bizdustry.com vs Webmaster.place

    Don't seem to see where to vote Bizdustry all the way!
  4. Kayzzy3

    Who let the doge out...

    The answer is easy Musk let the doge out, but this doge has gone very wild and running very fast too
  5. Kayzzy3

    ✔️ Completed Discussion Hub Vs. (Bizdustry)

    Bizdustry all the way Any day! Anytime! 💪👍