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Lord Saru

Meh^^ Its so long since I made a about me page! So here I am today, almost ready to type this out :D I am Issac, 19 (soon to be) and an avid roleplayer. I love Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Dan Brown, Willy Wonka, Pokemon and a lot of other things! I can be a complete stranger out of a sudden or I can be like 'Wow!! I know you right from the day I breathed! How are you buddy? Does your pal act cool these days?!" at an instance. To speak of me personally, (Well, unless you think I am boasting), I :heart: English! I love public speaking, debates, administration, foruming, webdesign, roleplaying, cooking, driving and all those crazy things! I am a really approachable person (I do have teeth, but I dont bite) and if you have got a trouble, leave me a message and promise, I'll help you (do I sound so gypsy-ish?)

My strength: Confidence and NO BACK STABBING (Good, right?)

My weakness: I am a teensy little judgemental, but hey! Even Voldemort had some weakness!!

Thing you can trust about me: I :heart: my friends so much! And I would do anything for them :D (Do you see a resemblance with Ash and pikachu :p)

Shit! I forgot to metion! I am a medical student --> Curious, but no bookworm! :p YADA!
Apr 7, 1994 (Age: 27)
From the blue


Remember, every skill and worth that you hold today, were merely a thought and a quest



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