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    CodeForum.ORG Review

    Thank you JoyFreak! :)
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    CodeForum.ORG Review

    That was the original plan actually!
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    CodeForum.ORG Review

    Thanks, @Jason5 that's actually a good idea about pinning users tutorials!
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    CodeForum.ORG Review

    Hello FP! I am looking for constructive feedback on my site I want it to be as user-friendly as possible and easy to access information.
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    Information Security Dojo

    I used to be this way, but now that I understand that coding is pretty much hacking lol
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    Question Community seems bit dead?

    I kinda agree and disagree. It really depends on what type of community, I'd say a gaming community is definitely a Discord thing. However, other things such as educational communities etc are probably still good. Just have to execute it perfectly.
  7. Malcolmjr96 Review

    Looking great! Nice work man!
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    Sponsor CodeForum.ORG ~ A developers home.

    Hello Forum Promotion Community, We have recently released a new video to help promote our community! Check it out :)
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    Advertising your regional forum

    I'd target your local region using ads/local ads on buses and such. Or even word ofmouth.
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    Nice forum! Good luck :) I've been using Linux more often lately for coding. Seems so much easier.
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    Suggestion 15 Second Video Commercial

    +1 for this, I could definitely see this for FP.
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    Awaiting Response Struggling To Navigate

    @HamezPlays do you still need help with this?
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    Noticed that a post isn't showing up in the forum list?

    No no we overlook stuff all the time. And consider that we solved it, we troubleshoot and solved the issue. :)
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    Feedback New theme is dope

    We're glad you like it! :)