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    How Much RAM Does a Smartphone Needs

    Hey @shohagjakiya, thanks for sharing a helpful post!!
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    Favourite WordPress SEO Plugin?

    For me, it's Yoast SEO!!
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    Need Tips for Better Back Links

    I think @Cumulus explains very well regarding the backlink!!
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    No, we have not used it yet!!
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    What are the best SEO strategies in 2020?

    This thread should be closed now as 2020 is over!
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    is Google ads good for leads?

    So any doubts now about google ads?
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    What are the benefits of Rich Snippets?

    But if rich snippets are not used carefully, it can hurt your SEO too!
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    Most effective paid advertising?

    Whether it's social media ads or PPC, if we target the proper audience we will surely get better results.
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    Scheduling Posting

    Then i think i should try ThemaPoster!
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    Building a Forum Community

    Many users have multiple accounts for different projects, what are your views on that?
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    is Google ads good for leads?

    Yes, Google ads good for leads but it depends on the requirements and other details.
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    Scheduling Posting

    I think we should give it a try! let's see how scheduling feature works.
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    how to promote my website in google? is their any trick?

    Yes, PPC (paid) & SEO (Free)