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    My Vision and Plans

    I agree that 2m posts isn't an unrealistic goal, I just don't think it should be talked about as a goal to be honest, what does getting 2 million posts in 5 years give the members here? Not much really. 800,000 crappy posts about Hello Kitty will be absolutely no use to anyone but an avid hello...
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    New Ownership on Forum Promotion

    Welcome to FP and Good Luck MasterA, I hope you bring the stability on the staff this forum desperately needs! :)
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    Are forums dying or almost dead?

    I'm not sure they are, I just think the genre of forum that is popular is quite trendy and therefore changes quite frequently. That and the age of the person that views the forum platform as dying will have aged (obviously) from when they first entered a forum community, meaning they and...
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    What are the medals for?

    Would it not be worth having a thread explaining this though? It might not sound like there's enough to warrant a thread, but if you list the behaviours that you check for when selecting a winner and listing past winners there is easily enough to warrant a thread. +Justice is a member that has...
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    I think I recognise you :p Welcome back.
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    Question time!

    Small bump - of 4 years :p Feel free to ask me anything guys!
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    What's the first thing you would do when starting a forum

    Re: What's the first thing you would do when starting a foru Focus on the competition. Is there room for another forum of the genre you're thinking? Can you tweak the idea you had a bit to make it more unique? Perhaps run the idea past a few people, get their ideas on how you can make your...
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    What phone do you have?

    I have two iPhone 5S', one for one country's sim and another for the other country. I travel between England and France a fair bit!
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    Weekly Member and Staff Interview Series started!

    Definite improvement over last week's Interviews I feel, great work Josh! :D Was nice hearing Sshadow's name in Panos' interview, not seen that name in ages!
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    Time penalty for giving rep

    The rep system used to cause a lot of unnecessary drama and stress (especially when the option to give negative rep was still in place). The system might not be being abused right now, but that is probably due to the restrictions in place to make sure that it is that way :)
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    What's your favorite laptop brand?

    Not sure i'll go back after having had an Apple Macbook Pro for the past 3 years. 3 years? I've had so many sony, dell etc products and they last 12 months before they get really slow and the hardware itself starts to show ridiculous signs of aging. My apple product is still going strongly :)
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    Weekly Member and Staff Interview Series started!

    Re: Weekly Member Interview Series started Picking Theezy first.... you might have inflated his already huge ego :lol: I kid I kid, definitely a worth first choice. ;) Keep up the great work.
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    Weekly Member and Staff Interview Series started!

    Re: Weekly Member Interview Series started Great idea guys :) Definitely something i'll keep up to date on. I would like the interview to have been longer/more in depth, I've known T for god knows how long, It would have been nice to get more info from him in the interview :p Great start...
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    Happy Birthday Mike!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! :)
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    Goodbye :(

    Oh wow, this is a very sad day for FP. FP without fowler used to be unimaginable when I was admin, it just wouldn't have worked. We had a few good times on here and you're the reason this place is still going so thanks and good luck for the future :great: As for the special admin group...