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    ✔️ Completed Umbrella Online vs. Bayside Gamers vs (VGR)

    Poll closes tomorrow evening.. Don't forget to check out the 3 sites and cast a vote! :)
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    Bitcoin Dropping

    What goes up, must come down.. Like any investment, it's largely about timing. With the value dropping, more investors are likely to be tempted to buy in and the value should increase again.. Peaks and troughs.
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    Small Post Exchanges - See Post #114

    Finished my side :happy:
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    Post exchanges

    Looking for a couple more 5/5 weeklies if anyone is interested? Thanks.
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    Small Post Exchanges - See Post #114

    Another 5/5 with Umbrella Online? Don't mind continuing with Crafter Craze, or I can sign up to and post on Christianity Haven - entirely up to you. Thanks.
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    ✔️ Completed (Umbrella Online) vs. Christianity Haven

    Sure, best of luck! :zombiethumbsup:
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    User Ranks

    I'm trying to stick pretty close to the same ranks that I used 17 years ago, but I can't remember them all.. I've also decided to base the title ladder on trophy points rather than solely on posts. The following ranks have been "discovered" so far: Virus cell Lab rat (5 points) Walking dead...
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    Fancy a threesome? :sweatsmile:
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    Completed Affiliate button.... Alternatively I can upload it to imgbb or something. That's quite the donation, thank you!
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    Completed Affiliate button....

    Feel free to send a "donation", honestly it didn't take me too long.. 🙂
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    Completed Affiliate button....

    I haven't played with GIF animation in years.. if I'm honest, I wouldn't know where to start now! :oldman: I've changed the font and increased the size slightly.
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    Completed Affiliate button....

    Any good? Anything else in mind?