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    Hey ! Of course, I love lotteries, usually I buy 1 ticket when I go shopping once a week, once I won, the last 3 digits were 688, these are my lucky numbers. But since I switched to remote work, I only buy tickets online for usa lotteries online
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    Favorite hairstyle

    most of all I like how women's Bridal hairstyle look, but I don't pay too much attention to men's
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    Apartment hunting tips?

    I have been in this business for a long time - I bought my first apartment at the age of 21 and it was not a big apartment of 35 square meters. Now I buy apartments and rent them out - so I have already bought 7 apartments, 2 of the last apartment in Miami. For me, an apartment is primarily an...
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    Which do you use more....?

    It depends on my tasks, if i'm at home I use only desktop, in rest cases I use laptop because it's practice and turn wifi from my phone so i'm fine everywhere with it, problem is that if you're low on battery it is a problem to find a place to charge
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    What brand of computers do you like?

    Yo, i love my PC that i build, best one is that when you can choose your pieces and understand how to make all of them to work and it's better when you do this work ;)
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    cycling lovers

    Thank you very much, yes, I understand that this is not the same - there is no adrenaline , but I like that the legs swing well and this is the main thing
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    cycling lovers

    Hey ! How did you "survive" the quarantine? have you quit your favorite sport? or have you taken any action? We were prohibited from leaving the house.I bought myself a seated elliptical ,now after I go to work, I ride it 1-2 hours a day. if I wrote in the wrong place - move my post please, thanks
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    Fitness outside of the internet

    oh bro ,I am not in the best shape today, I have been looking for motivation to do fitness and switch to a healthy lifestyle for a long time, I have been looking for a fitness blog for which I will start doing it and finally found a healthy lifestyle, I will try to get back in shape
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    how do you feel about online dating

    how do you feel about online dating? be it friends or dating for a serious relationsh.My only friend is my new girlfriend whom I met at Meet ur perfect match, do you think these days it is normal to meet on the Internet?I am an introvert and rarely cling to communication with people, and this...
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    300 comments for Life Is Too Sport!

    Congratulations my friend!
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    What age using computer?

    at 6 years ) now i am 26
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    How is the Weather?

    today the weather is very nice sunny and very hot rainy weather is promised for tomorrow