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    Which RPG games do you play?

    How come fallout 4 is RPG? It's more of FPS than any other genre.
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    How Many Of You Really Care About And Focus On Your Privacy?

    I get all my emails through POP3 into the outlook, so no google required for me. Search is tricky because duckduckgo doesn't have all that I want. So that kind of limits me.
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    Facebook lowering my promotion costs

    You are spending money to get followers? What's your conversion goal? Planning to sell membership? I can't imagine spending on ads unless I have something to sell.
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    What movie have you seen recently?

    Finished watching Obsession movie.
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    Does Anyone Use IRC?

    I have around 3 chatrooms still active on IRC. But that's pretty much it. I don't think in next 3 years there would be people there.
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    Your opinion on the effectiveness of mobile applications in business

    For payment processing it is useful but apart from that, apps are not much use for business. There isn't much big thing they can pull offf. But it depends on business how they can help.
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    Trump tells liberal congresswomen of color to back to their country

    I won't even bother replying to this after reading "this give power to the racists and the white supremacists" and then being asked question " are you from a country in the EU? LOL. Sounds like let's disapprove racism with son-soil-racism.
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    Trump tells liberal congresswomen of color to back to their country

    Trump is right on one note regarding THAT religion. Soon with numbers game, they will be majority and will dictate the sharia soon just like they do in EU.
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    Amazon Prime Day

    No plans on buying anything. Because all of these days kind of drain wallet before christmas.
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    Does Anybody Here Use Git/GitHub?

    I use github and bitbucket. I have yet to try out the gitlab.
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    Hawkhost shall i go for it

    If you are hosting forum, I think till you get busy traffic of say 200 members active daily, I don't think you'd have to upgrade to VPS even. Till then they are good.
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    Dou you listen to music while you work?

    I listen to music or podcast or some seminar in audio format. And these days I am also listening to audio books while working.
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    Hawkhost shall i go for it

    Yes you should go with hawkhost. They are independent (and now owned by EIG like bluehost and hostgator type hosts). And the best part support is good.
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    What hosting provider are you using at the moment?

    Definitely. They are the best. And another best part about them is they are not owned by EIG like hostgator, bluehost type companies.
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    Should Forum Administrators Use Multiple Accounts to Boost Activity?

    I think some do to keep the forum active. I have seen that happening mostly on some forums.