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    My new Blog

    I hope you make one at Blogger instead of wix. I just don't see much appeal in wix based sites. That being said, all the best on blog journey.
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    How much of an advantage is a .com in promotion?

    TLD also known as Top level domains are - .com and .net and .org.. And this forum uses .net domain. There is definitely have some value for the .net domains just like .com has.
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    Cloudflare for WordPress

    I have some good experience with Cloudflare on low traffic site. But if you have high traffic go with other CDN like stackpath. Also use Jetpack as it denies bots and other DDOS attacks.
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    Staff Promotions Thread

    Congratulations @Kaynil !
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    How do you feel about 4 day work week?

    I'd say it would make me lazy. I can't imagine working less and being happy. You have to stress yourself a little for happiness.
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    Who misses university?

    I definitely miss those days. Life was better in those time, could date more, go out more, cry more, laugh more. Now it's just routine life.
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    Instagram hiding likes

    I think brands, models and people who find likes a metric to measure their progress would feel bad. I think those people should find alternative app.
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    Users banned for using emotes on youtube livestream!

    I am surprised with the users though. Some are using their working channels account to spam on chat section? I mean if they wanted to spam why not use alternative account? :D
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    Completed Emerald Package for Christianity Haven

    I'd love to do this. By the way, I prefer to pass on VGR, Joyfreak and Admin Retail as I am part of those places already.
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    Completed Yaketys

    Done with my part.
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    Completed Yaketys

    Joining in.
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    How to keep your users posting?

    You have to give something to people in return. Something that is value to them. Otherwise nothing takes off. Even Facebook and other social media are used as tool to vent off.
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    Completed Gab A Ton

    I've completed my part for the package.
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    Completed Gab A Ton

    Joining in.