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Patrick S.
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  • Hey, when you can I really need some help on Skype. I have a JQuery conflict which is doing my head in :p
    Patrick add me on Skype; griffin-sawchuk
    I want to discuss a design job with you
    war movies?
    oh hell no :laughing:
    i dont like such movies at all o.o

    i find them a waste, even more than a waste to watch a teen movie :laughing:
    orchestral music? wow cool, thats something i dont hear that often
    ... well i like lots of music stuff, but mainly listen to linkin park :D
    WHATS WRONG WITH THEM :laughing:

    flashpoint even had its own billboard stands and big images all over canada

    how can people not love it , if it was that popular :p
    whenever i ask a canadian about flashpoint
    they are never as excited as i am about the show
    WHY :laughing:
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