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    Atrium | R e b o o t e d Threads: 919 Messages: 8,381 Members: 108 We are continuing to grow and change. We hope you take the time to check us out! Become part of the community today! :)
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    Atrium - Community Feedback Loved<3

    Just wanted to add - we did listen to suggestions and have made some minor layout changes - possibly more in the future but we figured this would be a great start. Thank you all again for the suggestions, feedback and etc. :)
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    Atrium has reached 100 Members

    Thank you guys all so much <3 We definitely appreciate all the support and glad to have many of you as members of the family! <3
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    SCRP has hit...

    That's an awesome feat though, congratulations! :) Maybe do a little writing contest of some sort! Could even make it semi like a forum game. :)
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    Welcome back. :)
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    Atrium | R e b o o t e d

    Atrium has made some layout changes! :) Hope you check them out and like them! We will be adding some more things throughout the week! If you haven't joined yet now is definitely the time to join! <3 Threads: 884 Messages...
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    This Is What Happened With The Forum I Advertised Here Ages Ago

    Back then I just had enough moderators with different time zones and they were to delete posts made by bots and ban them/prevent them from posting. From that point you could delete the bots. Luckily now there is more prevention, but the select few still get through. It usually isn't that bad...
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    Hive Gamurs | Social Gaming Platform

    It's a pretty well laid out forum. I love the profiles and everything as well. Just has that custom feel. Good job guys! :)
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    Rainharp Community

    Checked out your forum! I like the community vibe so far. :) Good luck! The latte theme is relaxing which is nice for a community type forum!
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    Forum Promotion Engagement Raffle

    Communities Checked Out: 14 URLs (Username): (Reverie) (Reverie) (Reverie) (Reverie) (Reverie)
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    Atrium - Community Feedback Loved<3

    Thanks. Yeah politics aren't really a favored topic at Atrium. :) We generally like talking about games/movies/tv shows/world events (so like changes in the world, or news etc), and really generally getting to know one another. :P
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    Atrium | R e b o o t e d

    Threads: 849 Messages: 7,623 Members: 100 With nearly 850 threads and 100 members, you will have plenty to discuss and get to know. Enjoy a video game, movie or show? This is the place for you. We hope you enjoy and join Atrium! See you soon. :)
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    Atrium has reached 100 Members

    Please join me in celebration - Atrium has reached 100 members! We're currently at about 1/8th of how many members we had previously. I'm excited to continue to grow with all the awesome people of Atrium. Now on to 101..... then 200! :D
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    Community Billboards Auction #16

    URL: Link Text: Atrium - The place to gather. Community at your fingertips and conversation awaiting. Discuss movies, gaming, anime, or debate which is better: ninjas vs vampires... See you soon! Forum Screenshot: Bid: $70
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    Asking a Reverie

    I just use my iPad Air still. I have about 6 or so books, not sure. xD Not really.