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    Post Exchange Webmaster & Gaming forum

    Check out my thread, I'd be willing to do a 10/10 with you?
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    Post Exchange Webmaster & Gaming forum

    10/10 with my site: UFO FORUMS Let me know?
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    [Closed] Post exchange with Admin Hut

    I'd be happy to do a 5/5 initially with you. UFO FORUMS Let me know, after the initial amount we can do a 10/10 if we're both happy.
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    UFO & Alien Themed Post Exchange

    I know nothing about drumming, so I can do it if you're happy for me to post in the off-topic part. I feel kind of bad just doing that though!
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    UFO & Alien Themed Post Exchange

    Happy to do another 10/10 now. Also thank you for the recommendation, I'd be happy to team up and do something! Hopefully they see your tag and we can work something out. I will start in the morning!
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    UFO & Alien Themed Post Exchange

    Thank you to both of you. I've completed posting in your forums. I'll post back here to do more, I'm just going to be making some changes to my forums first. :)
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    UFO & Alien Themed Post Exchange

    Starting now, can I just say your forum looks gorgeous, don't know what skin you're using but wow! Accepted, I'll register and get started after I'm done with the above exchange!
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    UFO & Alien Themed Post Exchange

    Fixed, sorry about that seems to be an issue with the forum and posting RAW URL's Happy to do that exchange if you are?
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    UFO & Alien Themed Post Exchange

    UFO REPORT Forum Registration Link: HERE About Us UFO REPORT is a community for UFO enthusiasts to come together and discuss any and all topics related to ufology, space, aliens, ET's and UFOs. My Forum Username: Rickeo Exchange Details: We can either do a forum post exchange or a blog...
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    Looking For Posters on UFO REPORT - UFO / Alien Based Forum

    Hi all, I am looking for posters on my forums. I am paying $FP 4 per post UFO REPORT URL TO SIGNUP TO FORUM: RULES: Limited to 10 posts per user per day must be of an acceptable quality and not two or three word replies, no forum games...
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    Post Exchange On My Forum Advice For All

    I'd be more than happy to accept this, just let me know the URL :)
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    I think you're going to get this with just about every generation. The 'millennials' will say similar things about the next generation. It's mostly not their fault, I'm 27 and when I was a kid nobody really had PCs or internet yet. I mean it existed but hadn't taken off and at that point it...
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    Question When can we expect big news

    I'm looking forward to this, the community seems to have been rather quiet lately so will be nice to see it perk up a little again.
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    Completed Advice For All | Mental Health & Emotional Support Forums

    Site URL: Package: Ruby Package Total posts on your forum: 458 Packager Preferences: None Area Preferences: No, Just please avoid the forum games section Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: No Extra Notes: Please upload an avatar if you can :) thank you.
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    Postloop Is So Bad

    @Decypher first and foremost I am 'chilled' if someone having an opinion you dislike needs to 'take a chill pill' then I don't think it's me with the problem. As the above user has stated, some of us have been members of the PostLoop community for several years and will remember when it first...