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    Hi do you design header logos in exchange for fp cash?

    Hi do you design header logos in exchange for fp cash?
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    Forum Poster/Thread Starter Available

    I'm looking to make some money via paypal over the next few weeks and was hoping to post on a few forum boards. I can promise you the posts wont just be one line long but they will be genuine posts. PM me your price, your URL and which category in the forum you want me to bolster. My...
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    Selling forum

    I was hoping to just sell the forum I had no idea you could sell the content. Was hoping someone could just take it off my hands.
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    Selling forum

    What do you mean databse? Is this the emails?
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    Selling forum

    Im selling which is a forum based on technology advances, high-tech gear and gadgets. I wrote articles based on these subjects and a little on gaming too. The keywords i've used are low with a couple at 6k a month, 1 at around 40k a month and the main one is at 110k searches...
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    Ask Me Any SEO Question!

    Thank you. I've already posted 3 articles on Squidoo from Boxing day onwards but all I did was copy each article from my news and reviews section of the forum and pasted it into Squidoo. Would I get a penalty for duplicate content or can I get away with this? I'll do the guest posting for a...
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    Ask Me Any SEO Question!

    Hello John nice to know some people out there want to help. I hear about link building a lot and its about quality not quantity. I downloaded this file 700+ dofollow backlinks" and went through games gadgets and technology related forums. Some forums ive been kicked off for backlinking (even...
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    Exchange Posts on Forums 3/3/5/5 (Update)

    Re: Exchange Posts on Forum 5/10/15/20 just signed up as riskymonk and posted 3 times.
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    Exchange Posts on Forums 3/3/5/5 (Update)

    Re: Exchange Posts on Forum 5/10/15/20 hey sarhad can we do a 3/3 over a longer period of time? I want us to seem like we are genuine members on each others forums as I've had a couple of one offs and it doesnt look good. Yearly Releases
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    What are some very long games?

    has anyone noticed games are getting longer and longer every year? even games with levels and no free roam seem to keep us hooked for a couple of weeks (or a few months if you have a life). Plus wasnt GTA the only game that was free roam until saints row? look at all these free roam games we're...
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    Views on $79 Gamestick Google Android controller console

    we certainly wont see one big new console or computer for all our needs in the future because these cooperations will have to share the profit, therefore they lose profit. but im pretty sure we will see some sort of merge going on because like you said people dont wanna spend hundreds of dollars...
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    Facebook UK loses 600,000 users in December

    there was an article recently saying that graffiti crime has dropped and it suggested it is because of the smartphones. just think what other areas of crime will drop in the near future because teens are so occupied and obsessed with social networks, playing games on the ipad etc. So maybe these...
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    Is a tablet A PC?

    they will be releasing tablets that are as powerful and as in-depth as a PC such as the Microsoft Surface Pro but these will be more for business use than recreation. theres no doubt some time in the near future as technology advances we will have full blown computer desktops in 10 and 7 inch...
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    Views on $79 Gamestick Google Android controller console

    we're seeing more and more of this as our technology advances into a new era. i think i remember reading a rumour about the PS3 and Xbox or the PC (dont know which way) merging to create a powerful system. this is definitely the future of gaming, being able to play a short game of angry birds...
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    Do you game to get away from real life?

    you know theres a new bit of gear called the Oculus Rift and that'll help some of us escape reality. its a headset that distorts reality turning our environment into 3D. when you play games on it, you have to turn your head to move the camera. as technology advances, that's just one step closer...