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    What are you currently playing?

    I am playing simple old games like spacecraft arcade :D
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    Official Barclays Premier League Topic

    I hope this season Manchester United can rank better lol
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    Gaming Latest turns 13 Years Old Today

    Congratulation to your achievement !
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    Back to school and COVID

    I think most countries still not allowed kids going to school. The situation is not stable and kids can be on risk if they are wandering outside
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    Best Host?

    There are a lot of options for hosting provider. I will pick Hostgator/Namecheap/Bluehost
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    Back to FP!

    Welcome back to FP!!
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    Anyone prefer used cars?

    I am prefer to own new car. Used cars can bring headache if you pick the wrong car, it will cost you more and bring you trouble when in the roads. Meanwhile if you have friend or trusted seller, used car can be a good option for first time owner.
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    Age Difference in Dating/Marrying

    For me, age difference will not matter. The more important things is understanding and tolerance each other. Also the reactions and our emotions when we have trouble with our spouse
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Jack, Welcome to FP
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    Hi to everyone

    Welcome to FP ! Enjoy your stay here :)
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    New to FP

    Hi Cam, I found this community from the internet. Hi Joshua Farrell, i will looking around ;) Nope, just a while. I am just starting it. Thank you guys, you are so kind and welcoming newbies
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    Last thing on TV you watched

    Well i just saw news a while, I do not have enough time to watch tv anyway
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    What song are you listening to?

    In these days I am prefer to listen classical music. But I am also enjoy slow rock and pop music.
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    1st in Google!

    Congratulation for this achievement, but the google rank will keep changing as their algorithms. Therefore it will take extra effort to keep your page ranked on page one.
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    New to FP

    Hello guys, I am newbie here. Thank you to allow me joining this great forum.