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    CodeForum reaches 1k messages!

    Congratulations! Your forum looks excellent. I'm wondering, what was behind the choice of languages?
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    Selling Domains for Sale (FP$/FC$ or $)

    Free push via Namecheap. Will take FP$, FC$ or PayPal. Looking for 6000FP, 1200FC or $12 each. The first domain would be great for a debate/discussion forum, community or social network. The second domain is for the popular programming language Lua. It's a language used to make apps and games.
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    Post Some Things From The Old Days Of The Internet

    Anyone got pictures of the iterations of FP lying around??
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    Free FREE --- Website! ---

    Depends on what it would be used for. ;)
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    Free FREE --- Website! ---

    Hello, You may, or may not, know that I started as an experiment to see whether members of ForumPromotion and ForumCoiners would like a non-discord chat option. Although the site has not taken off, I STILL believe the need is there. The chatroom simply needs a dedicated...
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    << >> Added to Hive Gamurs!, an awesome (custom built!!) social gaming platform, have added image hosting! Hive Gamurs are the the first communitiy to add the image upload plugin! Thank you @Jordan :heart: A bunch of common forum software are available, otherwise a custom button can be added...
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    Fast & FREE Forum Image Hosting!

    Hi all, I have changed the hosting for I disabled uploads on the old installation. If you can see: or can upload, you've visited the right server! :nyan: Thanks everyone! :heart:
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    Chat real-time with FP members!

    Pop in and say hi!
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    Effective use of Google Ads

    Are you using Sponsored Posts or Facebook Ad Manager? You probably would want to target a particular event on your site.. e.g. a super cool live stream/ contest which gets people to sign-up. Then you can use their email address and attempt to get them to post or interact. Ad Manager allows...
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    Effective use of Google Ads

    I've tried Google Ads briefly but never had much success. Have you tried Facebook ads? That might be a little more suited to your website. I've got a decent number of sales through FB before. Create a few different ad copies (or different pictures/videos) and start with a small budget for...
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    Fast & FREE Forum Image Hosting!

    It's easy to add to your forum. Your images and forum pages will load faster - your members will thank you! :) EASY code -->
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    Chat real-time with FP members!

    Pop in, say 'hi' and leave the chat window open while you work on other stuff! Just a #protip to make friends with FP and FC members!
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    Final Four Battle #29: JoyFreak vs. Yaketys

    Voted! Awesome to see quality sites in the final four. :)
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    Final Four Battle #30: Admin Loop vs. Christianity Haven

    Admin loop :) Well done @Ash - very well designed site.