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Recent content by simonweb

  1. simonweb

    I'm looking for a web hosting provider

    I agree, Dreamhost is a good webhost. Their ACP is also good, much better than cpanel imho. And you can easily upgrade to their VPS once your grow too big for their shared hosting plans.
  2. simonweb

    Share Your IPB Site!

    I currently have two active IPB communities and you can find them in my signature. :)
  3. simonweb

    Responsive theme a must have for 2020?

    There is only one answer and that answer is yes.
  4. simonweb

    Restart an old forum or create a brand new?

    That's sad to hear, but at least you tried to get it back up and running again. Politics/environment. Yeah, sometimes it's simply better to start fresh. But creating a new forum these days is hard, and the extra help I could get from this old and "established" forum could really help. That is...
  5. simonweb

    Feedback for New Look

    That looks really nice, especially the blue colour scheme on your light theme. I joined! I would like to see a bigger text font for the forum posts though. ;) What are your thoughts on IPB now a few days after migrating? Edit: I am seeing this error message on topic pages: [[Template...
  6. simonweb

    Restart an old forum or create a brand new?

    That's nice to hear. :) What kind of response did you get from your old members? That is true, why start from scratch when I can build upon something which I've already spent a lot of time on. What are the pros and cons of moving the old content into an archive board? I've never really done...
  7. simonweb

    Which one is the best CMS?

    That depends on your needs. Seeing as this site is focused more on forums and communities, I would recommend IPB and their CMS-addon.
  8. simonweb

    Restart an old forum or create a brand new?

    I have an old forum, like really old, that was created in 2008 and have been closed since 2017. The forum is about a pretty niche topic and back in the days it was a fairly popular community. Now I am considering getting a similar community going again and I was wondering if I could (or rather...
  9. simonweb

    5 for 5 @ HiveGamers

    I'm up for doing a small 5 posts exchange with any of my two forums (see signature) if you're interested.
  10. simonweb

    IPB 4.5

    I agree, here are not that many new changes for regular users but, the new ACP and the marketplace integration is top-notch.
  11. simonweb

    IPB 4.5

    It's been a few months now since the release, so what do you guys think about the new 4.5 update?
  12. simonweb

    Mandatory Masks

    It's not just Sweden, no one is wearing them in all of Scandinavia. No, that's not the approach.
  13. simonweb

    "Premium" Memberships

    This is a good idea and I've also been thinking about adding something along those lines later on when I have a community that's large enough for it. But how do you set up and manage something like that, what services do you use?
  14. simonweb

    Weekly emails

    Just as a friendly FYI: that's against GDPR.
  15. simonweb

    Review loading speed of our forum

    It loads fine for me. Location Sweden.