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    It needs to be able to be self-hosted otherwise I'm not interested, at all.
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    Solved Calm down on the ads

    Google knows way more than that about you. They know your age, your gender, where you live, which physical stores you visit, what websites your view, where you work, and so on. :androidborg:
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    Created my 1st Java program - Cryptocurrency price checker

    Nice work, good luck on your future coding projects!
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    Invision Community (IPB) 4.4 released

    Yeah, that is also why I don't like to rely on too many unofficial plugins or addons for my sites. I want to update as soon as possible and I don't want to wait for my plugins or add-ons to be compatible with the latest version of my forum software. There is also the risk that a developer for...
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    Proposed Changes to Posts

    Sure, you can design a forum to look and behave more like a blog or some sort of article system, but then it's not a regular forum now is it. On a regular forum it would be annoying and straight up invasive TBH if other members could just edit my own posts to add new content or correct my...
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    What's your opinion on using Tapatalk?

    I don't know, but by using Tapatalk (or similar services) your site will become reliant on something developed and maintained by third-party developers which you have no control over. And Tapatalk seems like a privacy nightmare in a GDPR world...
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    Do you have regrets?

    Yeah I know what you mean. I love :joyful: to start new projects but once I'm "finished" I usually find it boring to continue and maintaining it - I'm already thinking about the next project haha! :rolleyes:
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    A "Super Forum" With Many Admins

    Too many cooks spoil the ... forum? ;)
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    Invision Community (IPB) 4.4 released

    I upgraded one of my websites to 4.4 yesterday, the upgrade process went smoothly without any problems. But I run a heavily customized theme and 4.4 brings so many changes to the source code that I had to rebuild my custom theme.
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    Proposed Changes to Posts

    Sure, maybe in a general CMS or in a articles/blog add-on. But I don't see how such a feature would be useful on a regular forum.
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    Have You Ever Used YaBB?

    It looks like an old SMF clone, why would anyone want to use that for a new community today?
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    Invision Community (IPB) 4.4 released

    I'm not sure if I should update now or wait for version 4.4.1 which will have more bugs and issues fixed. I am really looking forward to that GIF-button. :cool: But it is disabled from start so if you don't want a "meme button" in your community you don't have to activate it - choices are...
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    Invision Community (IPB) 4.4 released

    Invision Community (IPB) 4.4 has been released today! You can find and download the new version in your Client Area. It will appear in your ACP for automatic download and installation soon. Check out all the new updates and improvements that version 4.4 brings here...
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    Is your hosting XenForo 2.0/2.1 friendly?

    Indeed. That's why the new 4.4 version of IPB will only support 7.2 or higher. It's pretty shocking that Xenforo will work with php 5.6.
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    Test MYBB forum

    Run it using localhost. XAMPP might help you