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    Around the World on FP

    This sounds fun, I'm in! Site Name: A Green Life Site URL: Country of Location: Sweden
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    someone purchase .com of FP ?

    I'm sure the majority of people will just search for forum promotion. People no longer automatically assume that every website has a .com domain name, right?
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    IPB 4.5

    There is now a live alpha preview site of IPB 4.5 available here:
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    Post exchange with my General Topics forum

    I'm willing to do a smaller post exchange (like 5 or 8 posts) if you want to do an exchange with any of my forums (see links in signature).
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    IPB 4.5

    Maybe, but I don't have a problem using that new default theme for a few days. ;)
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    IPB 4.5

    This is true. But this new theme, and the new CSS updates that will come with 4.5, will probably make that process a bit easier. I'm looking forward to updating my themes. :)
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    Use a tablet often?

    I have a Surface Pro and I use it pretty much every day. It's great because it's just like a big tablet but with full Windows 10. :)
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    IPB 4.5

    Yes, there is still a renewal price every six months if you want to have access to new updates and support. If you choose not to renew, you can still use your purchased applications and mods.
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    When should things open up again after Corona Virus?

    What lockdown? ;)
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    IPB 4.5

    IPS has shared some screenshots of their updated default theme for 4.5. It looks pretty nice!
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    That's a pretty difficult subject to post about. Are you interested in doing a single 3 post exchange with my environment forum (see link in my signature)?
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    Post Exchanges Open

    Thanks! I probably have time to do another post exchange later this week. I'll let you know! :)
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    Post Exchanges Open

    I've made 3 posts on your forum. Let me know if you want to exchange more posts.
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    IPB 4.5

    From what I can tell, they haven't posted much about it outside of what you can find on their blog. The app service is currently in open beta and it'll be available for "free" (not a paid addon) for active license owners when version 4.5 launches:
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    IPB 4.5

    That's why I try to use as few third-party addons as possible! ;) Yeah, it'll be interesting to test when they - hopefully soon - upgrade their official community forums to 4.5. I'm also curious to learn more about that ios/android app they are developing for customers, although I'm perfectly...