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    Who do you side with?

    Good lad. Going from those results we would probably agree on most political issues.
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    Isn't it amazing...

    ...that after all these years this forum is still here? Seeing some of the original members in the 'Who was online today' box got me thinking about the good old days. It seems odd now thinking back to how much time was spent on this forum and when leaving I hardly ever visited in six years...
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    What song are you listening to?

    Jerry Lee Lewis - GREAT BALLS OF FIRE
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    Heart rate?

    All the more reason to get it checked out. Anything to do with your heart get it checked out ASAP. It's not worth the risk!
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    Heart rate?

    I'd definitely get it checked out. As someone has already pointed out if you're exercising then that is pretty normal and on the lower end but for a resting heart rate it seems quite high. Your doctor will give you advice on how to lower it or maybe prescribe you something.
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    Homosexuality: Right or Wrong?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with homosexuality. The people who believe that homosexuals choose to be homosexual are very naive. I highly doubt that someone would choose a lifestyle in which there are increased chances of being bullied and dealing with discrimination. More and more young...
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    What song are you listening to?

    Soul of a man by the LEGEND Tom Jones.
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    Urgent request

    Type of Graphic: Small Icon(s) Size in pixels: Unsure Type of payment: FP Cash (negotiate via PM) Link to forum or screenshot: N/A Colour scheme: Just black Text / Subtext on image: N/A Link to images (if applicable): N/A Notes?: In need of several small icons similar to...
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    Post your picture - Version 2

    Think it is about time I showed my face!
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    Pound or Euro

    Well, from what has happened since I posted this topic thank God Gordon Brown kept us out of the Euro!
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    The Official Hello and Goodbye / General Chat Thread

    It is good to see that you have not lost your humour Pauline Fowler. :P
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    The Official Hello and Goodbye / General Chat Thread

    A lot has changed. I hardly recognise any of the new, active members.
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    The Official Hello and Goodbye / General Chat Thread

    It's been a very, very long time. :P
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    The Official Hello and Goodbye / General Chat Thread

    I cannot believe that this thread has reached 2457 pages.