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  1. ThatsTony

    Exchanging Forum Posts/Threads

    You have to hit the refresh button. It's another little trick to stop automatic captcha filling software. I made you an account and forwarded details in PM.
  2. ThatsTony

    Exchanging Forum Posts/Threads

    I'd be happy to. I have an account on there and I'll get started shortly.
  3. ThatsTony

    Exchanging Forum Posts/Threads

    I'd be happy to meet both your requirements. I'll register on Aeowolf and Admintech soon. Please remember to add a profile photo to your account :)
  4. ThatsTony

    Exchanging Forum Posts/Threads

    I'm interested in exchanging forum post activity with a few other admins. It would be nice if we could post daily and occasionally create threads from time to time. Or we can do a small 10/10 or 20/20 exchange. The forum you'll be writing for is https://marketplaceforum.net and you can...
  5. ThatsTony

    Share Your MyBB Forums

    Buy and sell virtual goods and services MarketplaceForum.net - https://marketplaceforum.net I'm still in development but am inviting beta testers.
  6. ThatsTony

    Is Free Advertising a waste of time?

    Free would obviously be like posting my forum in the Promotion Directory. I don't have to pay for anything, just register on the forum. In my opinion I've never had any luck with free advertising. I've posted my site where I can in relevant forums but had way more success with paid ads because...
  7. ThatsTony

    Selling Claraviolet's marketplace

    I was happy to be able to work with Claraviolet on adding content to my site. Thanks for the smooth deal.
  8. ThatsTony

    WTB MyBB Developer

    Currently seeking a developer experienced with MyBB to run some tasks for me on my site. Mostly front-end work and mostly has to do with configuring certain plugins and making them work. There's also some bugs/troubleshooting involved. Please message me.
  9. ThatsTony

    How do you track traffic?

    Google Analytics (GA) is the far more superior tracking system.
  10. ThatsTony

    What are some websites that I can advertise on for free?

    What are you trying to advertise?
  11. ThatsTony

    Forum Logo Needed

    It's only been several hours since I opened this thread. Thanks for sending in some samples... It wasn't necessary but I appreciate it. The 3rd 3D rendered concept was neat. I like the letters like that, but it would be nice if it was angled to the right instead of the left and also in the color...
  12. ThatsTony

    WTB Forum Threads

    At least between 50 and 75 words. That should do
  13. ThatsTony

    Forum Logo Needed

    Really looking for someone to help me make a beautiful, simple logo for my forum. I'll be taking the current "MF" logo and having it revamped. I'd really like shiny, bubble letters with some icons around it representing the type of forum I have. You'll have to get creative with such a small...
  14. ThatsTony

    WTB Forum Threads

    I've launched a brand new forum and am looking for writers to submit topics on cryptocurrencies, gaming and technology. I haven't gotten any responses from people offering their services so I've decided to make a posting here. No titles ending with a question is allowed. All posts should be...
  15. ThatsTony

    Selling Empire's Posting service shop ($)

    I'm interested in doing a deal right now. Sending PM