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    Hello Everyone

    Hey guys how are you all doing? Just wanted to drop by and re introduce myself. I have been inactive for a very long time so i felt the need to do this as to let people know I am new in a way anyway a little about myself. My name is Travis, and I am 19 years old I had a very successful forum...
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    Posting competiton ... 464#pid464 We have our very first competition be sure to join in for a chance to win.
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    Posts for (Lots Of Offers Inside)

    Grand Theft Auto Forum: 8 New Replies - $2.00 (Member: ??) Ill do this one
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    Trading all domains

    I have a lot of domains i am trying to get rid of. They are registered between Godaddy and Namecheap. Now these domains are absolutely free. Free!! No way whats the catch? All you have to do is message me here or on my forum With the domain you want saying that you are...
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    General Chat Theme

    Have you decided to come down anymore?
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    Manliest sport?

    I am gonna say wrestling because the topic doesnt say most dangerous it is asking for manliest.
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    First Theme

    Your forum collapse buttons dont work
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    This is a theme i am designing for a project i am thinking of starting sometime what do you guys think? It is in development on Photoshop and is nowhere near completion
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    SEOMind - SEO tools website, really cheap!

    How much for just the domain and would you trade?
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    Travis's posting service [fp] and [paypal]

    For a limited time only get the medium package for just 75fp<br /><br />-- 28 Oct 2013, 22:38 --<br /><br />Regardless of forum stats
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    What is worth? Please answer! :)

    Re: What is worth? I have rejected your request
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    What is worth? Please answer! :)

    Re: What is worth? Design is key to a successful forum your theme is a very lightly modified version of the default theme i mean atleast put a free theme up there your still you using the default post icons.
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    Did you ever have your forum or site theme stolen?

    It is a very serious issue that is actually annoying. I have never had it happen but i know forumhour has there custom theme stolen whether or not the thief has taken it down i do not know.
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    What is worth? Please answer! :)

    Re: What is worth? It was a serious offer why try to sell something that has no real design to it. When i posted at that forum i did it as a job to be honest there was nothing in the way of design that really made me want to stay.