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    Welcome to Forum Promotion!
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    Hello it's me junrose123

    Welcome to Forum Promotion!
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    Mind Piff Discussion Community

    Hey guys, our traffic is increasing a lot recently compared to before. We are nearing 2,200 posts as of now and our activity is starting to increase. In my opinion that's a huge step in being a successful website. I'm excited about how many posts we've obtained so far. Let me know what your...
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    500 Posts @ AL

    Hey @Ash I joined your site recently. My name is also TopSilver on there. I will keep an eye on it. Great work
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    New Web Host: Welcome Back!

    Welcome back @Cameron Taylor :D I'm excited to see what's to come when the site is updated to 2.1.1 or higher. Good to see everything is back up and in action.
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    XenForo 2.1 Upgrade

    I look forward to seeing your update @Cameron Taylor yes DBTechs add-on DB Credits hopefully may be an option. I've never used it so I'm not exactly sure if it would have the exact feature set. I'm sure it would though. You could easily edit phrases to your liking and would work out nicely. I...
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    Do you care about Cross+Backward compatibility?

    Yes I think PS5 and the Xbox Scarlet both are planning to. Should be quite interesting
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    Mind Piff Discussion Community

    It's quite alright. I'm not worked up about anything just didn't understand why you never gave a reason for your comment. I do appreciate feedback it's just that in all seriousness feedback that doesn't have any means of description in what it suggests doesn't seem appropriate. The choice of...
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    Okay sounds good I posted an intro and replied to another thread on your site. Feel free to make an intro before you head out if you have a moment. Either way I look forward to seeing you soon!
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    Yes I am actually. Noticed my site has been featured for the 2nd time in your widget on the...

    Yes I am actually. Noticed my site has been featured for the 2nd time in your widget on the forum page. I hope you are having a nice weekend as well. I look forward to being active more
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    I would be willing to trade posts with you if your interested and possibly even affiliate/swap links. You would need to add me on discord. You could also join the mind piff discord server if you wanted to. Currently we have close to 100 members in the discord. I haven't signed up yet but if you...
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    Thank you. I appreciate the thought. I really enjoy my time on your site. It's quite fun to me...

    Thank you. I appreciate the thought. I really enjoy my time on your site. It's quite fun to me to be active here. You will be seeing more of me :D
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    Site upgraded

    Great job on the upgrade @Jazzy I recently upgraded my forum as well to 2.1.1 from 2.0.12. Went smoother then I expected. 2.1 is really amazing in my opinion. There are a lot of nice features. Good luck with your forum! It looks very nice. I may join at some point. I will keep an eye on it :D
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    BaysideGamers - Community For Any Gamers To Utilize.

    Great site you got there @Empire I used to run my own modding community for a while called I removed it after 3 years. We had 1.5k users but only around 1.8k posts and the participation rate was horrific. Your site is very appealing to the eye and looks fantastic. You know that...
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    Gaming Forum - - Post exchange

    @JoyFreak would you be interested in doing a 20/20 with me and adding me on discord (this is Brad from I may possibly do more in the future for the same in return. I think starting out at 20 each is a good idea. I signed up on your site as "TopSilver". When you message me back if...