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  1. Abizaga

    We now have a dark mode

    That's right! Today, GeezeZone added a dark mode skin to the site! I'm very excited about this!
  2. Abizaga

    3.x memories

    Man its sad that this section is so empty... who else here LOVED vBulletin 3.x? It was my absolute favorite software as a teen!
  3. Abizaga

    old free domain hosts

    So as a teenager, I used to need free domain hosts since I couldn't afford the real deal. There were so many out at the time, what were some free domains/sub-domains you used or use?
  4. Abizaga


    I can't be the only one who misses invisionfree. What was your mindset when invisionfree turned to Zeta, then got taken over by tapatalk? Did you have a board at that time with this software?
  5. Abizaga

    Oh boy tons of updates!

    Yo! I haven't posted updates on GZ in a while so I figured I would post some on here! New homepage (using articles)! We hit 1,000 discussions! We hit 8,600+ posts! We hit 140+ members! Added a media gallery! 60+ Articles!! Come celebrate with us! :D
  6. Abizaga

    Completed for GeezeZone

    Time to get another.
  7. Abizaga

    Halloween plans?

    So with the outbreak of covid-19, I'm curious, how do you all plan to spend your halloween season? Sitting inside and watching horror flicks? or maybe there are still haunted house attractions open around you?
  8. Abizaga

    Whats your favorite season?

    What is your favorite season and why? I love the autumn, because of the cool, crisp air, and te colors in the trees! (Plus, no bugs!)
  9. Abizaga

    Your first forum?

    Ey what was the first board you ever made? What software did it use? Did it become big? Mine was some half assed proboards site in middle school that went nowhere! 🤣
  10. Abizaga

    I made my forum a twitter

    So I decided to try to promote my community through twitter. I started it maybe a few days ago and I'm up to 257 followers! I'd love if you guys stopped in!
  11. Abizaga

    Completed Package for GZ

    Well, looks like this system got an uprade...
  12. Abizaga

    GeezeZone just hit 7k posts.

    This is a huge deal for me as every new post is a milestone that I haven't hit since QA but every 1k? That calls for celebration, I think! ease come by and celebrate with us or check our our articles!
  13. Abizaga

    GZ Night Live in 15 min!

    Well its more like 16 but we are hosting our first event ever and I'd love to see you guys there!
  14. Abizaga

    GeezeZone hit 6k posts

    Yes you heard right, 6k! It feels like just yesterday we struggled to break 1k and now we've really grown and I'm so excited! Come by and celebrate with us guys!
  15. Abizaga

    Our first event

    Hi all so my website is going to be hosting it's first event ever! For a short time we will have the shoutbox turned on for it, and participants get an event medal! Its on August 14th at 5 pm CST! Read more here! I hope to...
  16. Abizaga

    Completed Package for GeezeZone

    Site URL: Package: Garnet Total posts your site: 5,292 Packager Preference: Alex or Saru? Preferred posting location: None Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: Yes Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion on your site?:No Extra Notes:Please keep...
  17. Abizaga

    GZ hit 5000 posts!

    Yes! We hit 5,000 posts! I've been so excited to post this! I posted an announcement with some huge forum updates to celebrate! Please stop in and celebrate with us!
  18. Abizaga

    Ask Abizaga Anything

    So I wanted to try this out here. I've been running forums since 2005 and my biggest forum ever ran from 2007-2012. Ask away.
  19. Abizaga

    Topped our second goal

    So for my website my main goals are to outpost the 3 forums with the highest postcounts before it came. We recently outposted the second biggest forum I had which has 4,482 posts! As of right now we have about 4,710 posts! Come celebrate with us!
  20. Abizaga

    Completed Package for GZ

    Site URL: Package: Garnet Total posts your site: 4,709 Packager Preference: As long as its relevant. Preferred posting location: none Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: no Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion on your site?: no Extra Notes...