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  1. Fullmoon

    Font Size feedback What font size if best? The larger on the new post or the smaller text on the previous posts? Personally I find the large a bit to big, and the small a bit to small, however the small fits the blog posts nicely, but is it hard to read? There is no...
  2. Fullmoon

    Solved Question about Titles

    Is there a way to edit a title of a post? When I edit I can't change it. I just wanted to add (Chronic Fatigue) on my blog advert, as many people don't know what M.E is :/
  3. Fullmoon

    Life with M.E (Chronic Fatigue)

    Site Name: Life with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis URL: Type: (Blog) Site Info: I decided to make a blog about my Chronic Illnesses to use as a diary. And to use as evidence for upcoming assessments. Posts will be about my day to day life, experiences, and...
  4. Fullmoon

    Best blog sites

    I have been doing forums (pre illness) since early 2000s . However I haven't got a clue where to start with a blog - Possibly going into a vlog. I need to make a diary but am useless at keeping them, so I am thinking of starting a blog where I can write how my days are going. with...
  5. Fullmoon

    C M Models (Scale Modelling)

    Site Name: Civil & Military Models URL: Type: Forum Site Info: BRAND NEW! Forum dedicated to Scale Modelling. A place to discuss Airfix, Revell, Tamiya, Warhammer, Planes, Tanks, Miniatures, and more. Show off your modelling skills, teach others, chat to fellow...
  6. Fullmoon

    Free Image Hosting site

    OK, So I've been out of the forum game for a few years, Photobucket's gone down the swanny . What is another easy to use image host. I've signed up to but I can't seem to upload my favicon. :/ TinyPic wouldn't let me register for some reason
  7. Fullmoon

    Scale Modelling

    Anyone here do/have done Scale Modelling? Planes, Tanks, Cars, Minatures? I got into the hobby last May and I love it, I mostly do Planes and Tanks. Have done a couple of cars. I've done kits by Airfix, Revell, Tamiya, HobbyBoss and got several others to do (the stash is quite large but cant...
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    Metal Tavern

    Site Name: Metal Tavern URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Out of the ashes of Headbangers Haven, Metal Tavern (version 1 xD) and MRU Forums , Metal Tavern (V2) is a community dedicated to all things Metal \m/ Whether you like clean vocals, melodic music, heavy...
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    Anyone here do Yoga or Pilates? I've been doing both for a couple of months. Very good for my spine curvature, in a lot less pain as before. Gret fun too.
  10. Fullmoon

    Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn/Heavensward

    Anyone here play it? I am on Famfrit server, Been playing since January, I think it's the longest time I've ever spent on a game without getting bored or stuck. I am usually a solo player so it's been a new and exciting experience to play on a MMO. I play as a Bard for my main, and currently...
  11. Fullmoon

    Samhain/All Hallows Eve

    So.. Samhain/All Hallows is almost upon us again. Anyone have any plans to actually honour your ancestors, not the silly halloween bashes. I hope its a nice night so I can get in my tipi and do a ritual. I've bought Mugwort and Frankincense to burn, Just need to get a little ritual and poem...
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    Neopets (originally NeoPets) is a virtual pet website. Visitors can create accounts, own virtual pets ("Neopets"), and buy virtual items for them using one of two virtual currencies, one of which can be earned within the site and the other of which can purchased with real-world money. Neopets...
  13. Fullmoon

    Loot Crate

    Loot Crate is a monthly box that is sent to subscribers, containing 6 to 8 hand-picked epic items for geeks and gamers. Anything from Movies, Games, Anime and more. There is $40+ worth of items in each box. They also have a chance to win a Mega Crate worth over $750 oPADH-vsfyQ I have...
  14. Fullmoon

    My new puppy........

    Bailey She will be 8 weeks on Tuesday.
  15. Fullmoon

    Deviant Art

    Just wondered if anyone here has a DeviantArt account? and more specifically a premium account. I've been thinking about upgrading for a while - I have been on a free account for 6 years. But I'm wondering are the extra benefits actually worth it?
  16. Fullmoon

    5/5 or 10/10 - Racing Forum

    Forum Link: Your name on the board: MG99 Exchange Details: 5/5 , 10/10 exchange. Not looking for daily exchanges, as I really don't have time for those. Will go for higher exchanges but depends on the board. I don't mind if your not into racing...
  17. Fullmoon

    Directory clean up

    So I've noticed alot of threads in the directory that the sites are no longer with us :roll: I understand the scale of what i'm requesting but is it possible to archive/delete the closed site threads? It just I'm going through think ohhh this site sounds good, lets have a look.... board...
  18. Fullmoon

    Need major help dealing with spam!!

    So the last month our forum has been set to admin approval only. In that month we have deleted hundreds of spam accounts and had to look through each one to check they are not real members trying to join. I found a Stop Forum Spam mod for PHPBB and the other admin added it. She also added...
  19. Fullmoon

    Metal Tavern

    Name of Site: Metal Tavern Site URL: Type of Review ( Pre-Launch/Basic/Sectional/In-Depth ): Basic Demo Account for Reviewer (Forums Only): U/N: Demo , PW: Review1 Opening Date: 3rd March 2012 Additional Notes: Open for criticism, Looking to improve.
  20. Fullmoon

    Rock/Metal fans only (see inside for exchange details.)

    Forum Link: Your name on the board: Metal Tavern Exchange Details: I know I am limiting myself here but people complain that people aren't metalheads on a metal forum. I personally don't see the problem. But whatever. If you like Rock, Metal, Punk and the like and fancy...