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  1. tbofram

    Food & Restaurant exchange

    Hello fellow Webmasters. i am currently in the process of starting a forum relating to Food & the restaurant industry. i would be interested in creating a high quality introduction on your forum and then any further posts will be of high quality and can be created in different parts of your...
  2. tbofram

    WTB Purchasing Forums

    Hello, i am interested in getting back into the forum Managing game after many years of absents. if you have an established forum that you no longer have time for or interested in making some money then feel free to send me a message and we can discuss business.
  3. tbofram

    Are Hilton hotels nice?

    Hey everyone, I just booked myself Into the Hilton hotel in Madrid Spain and don't really know much about it. It's a 5 star hotel so should be ok but just thought someone might know about it. Thanks
  4. tbofram

    Know of any Plane ticket deals?

    Hey folks, I'm going over to Ecuador this winter season to take care of "business" and currently I'm looking at paying $1400 (which isn't too bad, as it's Xmas) but just wondering if anyone knew of a place I could get a better deal. If people were wanting details to search etc I'm wanting to...
  5. tbofram

    Hosting companies & hosting related services companies

    Hello, Do you own a small hosting company(even as low as 10 customers)? Is it draining you of all your time? Just want to make a quick sale and focus on something else? Well if you can show proof of sales and profits etc then my investors might be able to make you an offer on your company...
  6. tbofram

    Woltlab Burning Board license ($30)

    Hey everyone, I've got a Woltlab Burning boards license (with paid blog integration). I really haven't used it since 2011 and thought someone else should get a chance to use it. Send me some offers and if it's decent then it's yours $70 when it was new so get yourself a bargain. P.s you...
  7. tbofram

    What do you drive?

    So title says it all really! What kind of car do you drive? I've just bought a little Vauxhall astra (you Europe folk call them Opel astras and you yanks call them Saturn astras) to drive around for a few months then I'm buying the new Mini Countryman 4WD. I've already driven the astra...
  8. tbofram

    A few domains for sale

    Hi, I just noticed today that some of my domains got renewed and I don't actually need them (I didn't know it would auto renew) so I'm going to sell them ( (you get free with sale) created 15-jan 2010 expires same date 2015 (I've got .com but you have to...
  9. tbofram

    Professional driving forum board ideas?

    heey everyone, I'm currently designing a forum for People who drive for a living (like anything: cars, taxis , buses, big trucks or anything along them lines) and i'm just wondering if anyone had some ideas for boards i could add before i launch it? thanks
  10. tbofram

    wanting too buy Brewing forum related domain

    i'm looking too buy a domain related too brewing. i have a few of my own but thought i would see if anyone here has something<br /><br />-- 29 Aug 2012, 18:43 --<br /><br />Sorry, If anyone has a domain that would fit in for a brewery forum (for beginners ) that's what I'm wanting , and names...
  11. tbofram

    Pluto Hosting Canada day savings!

    Heey everyone, I'm Justin and i'm part of the Pluto hosting Customer Services Team and as Canada day 2012 is coming up(1st of July) i would love to say that if you signup now for any of our packages may it be shared hosting or our popular reseller hosting we are going to give away some rocking...
  12. tbofram

    in need of forum managers

    Olympics Forum Forum Name:Olympics forum Positions Available:forum manager you will be able to manage the complete forum plus you can do whatever you like with it. you will get 80% of profits from the ads (not placed yet) but that should be a ok amount because my awstats show it's been getting...
  13. tbofram

    selling forum database 8000 posts

    Heey everyone, I'm selling a forum database so I can start a new website. I don't really have much to say about it but you can find a demo o the site in my sign. The winning bidder also gets a domain of their choice of any domain from my other thread plus I can offer free hosting for a while to...
  14. tbofram

    spring cleaning

    heey everyone, i have a huge stock of "good" domains i want to get rid of. i'm not really after much so i will most likely say yes to any decent offer. i hope there is something for everyone in this list: Expiration Date: 17-jul-2012 Expiry date: 18-May-2013...
  15. tbofram

    $50 giveaway at Olympicsforum

    Hello everyone, I'm opening up a new forum and to help kickstart things I'm going to be running a posting contest and spending some money on paid posting here. The contest is now opened and ends June first, the person at the end will get $50 sent to them via PayPal We don't have many rules for...
  16. tbofram

    Can anyone register a .iv ?

    Hi, someone in my company got asked to do a project for the county he lives in (somewhere in the states) and his county is something that would fit in with .iv but he can't find anywhere to register it... Well we will pay you to register it plus a bit extra for your trouble. Just reply here And...
  17. tbofram

    looking to buy some forums (~$100 budget)

    hello everyone, i'm looking to either buy one big forum or a few smaller ones. i'm looking for something for around $100 (can go higher if it's nice). i'm looking for a webmasters forum (mainly) but will look at anything, i won't buy some small little forum (something under 1K posts is not...
  18. tbofram

    Free use of my VPS

    Hello everyone, I have a VPS from heart internet and since i shutdown my hosting company i have been using a vps from them and i feel need to get better use out of my vps. i'm not wanting to make money out of anyone (i will do it for free) i just want to feel my money is going to good use (i.e...
  19. tbofram

    i'm wanting youtube channels

    Hi folks, I'm interested in buying your un-used YouTube accounts. I'm looking for ones which are AdSense enabled, I will consider any account w that has a ok level of traffic (not really looking for gaming channels but I will look at them) if you have videos on their then that'd even better...
  20. tbofram

    [WTB] VB License

    Hi. I'm looking to buy a vbullitin license. Ideally be 4.x but not 100% bothered. Give me your price