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  1. ItalianMunchiez

    Starting forum:

    Hi Im gonna be starting a forum and would like some help if interested respond here or add me on discord. ItalianMunchiez#7513
  2. ItalianMunchiez

    Paid/Free Website Stressing

    Hello I'm gonna be opening up a stress testing website but I need some help I was wandering if anyone here can help me I'd be willing to pay as it is complicated ( for me atleast. ) Cyber Security.
  3. ItalianMunchiez

    Free Social Krispo Chat Forum Needs Staff!

    Hello, After a while of having social krispo shut down its been revamped and is gonna launch soon and It's on mybb I was wandering if anyone would like to help it's in need of staff.
  4. ItalianMunchiez

    Free Forum Project Help

    So I know that in the past I been posting a lot about forums and I took a break for a while so I'm gonna be opening up a new forum pretty soon. (assuming I come up with a name and a host.) and I'd like some help its not a paid project at this point in time but if revenue does start to come in if...
  5. ItalianMunchiez

    Paid/Free Paid Poster For Hire

    Hi Im free to post on your forum or anything else you want we can discuss further more here or in PM.
  6. ItalianMunchiez

    Creating A Roblox Game!

    If anyone likes Roblox and wants to make a game with me message me. :) Doing this for fun even though if profits do come we'd work it out. :)
  7. ItalianMunchiez

    Poster For Hire!

    Hi, Im an active poster willing to do some posts for real cash $ Low rates, Interested respond here or PM me.
  8. ItalianMunchiez

    Free Developers Bay Looking For Staff

    Hi, So this project used to be up and running on a different host, then switched over by that time all the staff had dissappeared on me, the site needs help. Anyways requirements include just activity and managing the forum for moderators and administrators. Requirements for the developement...
  9. ItalianMunchiez

    Paid - $ Paid Poster For Hire

    Hi, Im in need of a paid posting job, I could do 10$ every 60 posts or we'll work something out, Im 95% active half the time so the posts should be done within the first week or so then continue on.
  10. ItalianMunchiez

    Free Need Mybb Theme For Developers Bay

    Hi Im in need of a mybb theme for developers bay. Please respond if your interested.
  11. ItalianMunchiez

    Looking for a paid job:

    Hi, I'm looking to get a job for paid posting, and I'm available, I'm 100% active pretty much, reply if your hiring. :)
  12. ItalianMunchiez

    Social Krispo Revival

    Site Name: Social Krispo URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Hi, Social Krispo Is a general chat forum where you can chat, meet new people and discuss whatever you want, from media to technology etc. Our Categories(Including sub categories in them.) -...
  13. ItalianMunchiez

    Social Krispo Revival Needs Staff!

    Hi, It will absolutely take no experience whatsoever to become a staff member on the website all you need to do is be an active staff member. :) Software: PHPBB Host: ProBoards Interested let me know.
  14. ItalianMunchiez

    Need your help

    Hi, All my other projects in the past have epicly failed so I must say that the project I plan on doing will be my last. I'm gonna make a new community. I need help we can discuss what software . Free forums host etc . Add me on kik or just message me.
  15. ItalianMunchiez

    Paid - $ Paid Poster for hire:

    Hi I'm looking to become a paid poster for a website or forum post loop doesn't cut it for me. My experience is only being able to post a lot of threads / posts with content . I'm an active poster. Pay doesn't have to be high we could work some sort of deal out. If you wanna discuss about...
  16. ItalianMunchiez

    Roblox Game Dev

    So I'm putting any other projects aside and gonna mainly focus on developing a roblox games. Mainly because the studio is free and it takes no requirement at all. However if it becomes a hit game like jail break than real money will come in. But I can't well don't wanna do it alone I'll split...
  17. ItalianMunchiez

    Food Hub Looking for staff

    Hi, If you love food or just chatting in general than this is your thread. ( For everyone though.) We're looking for staff really doesn't have to be experienced just knows the way around the admin control panel/mod cp. :)
  18. ItalianMunchiez

    Food Hub

    Site Name: Foodhub URL: Type: Forum Site Info: Just a new forum I decided to make for all the food lovers out there and for anyone else to join. :)
  19. ItalianMunchiez

    Paid - $ Read

    Hi, I'm looking for a paid job, doing anything :) Interested reply
  20. ItalianMunchiez

    Promote Hosting Exchange:

    Hi, looking to do a 5/5 exchange with the support forums if anyone is interested let me know here or just PM me. :)