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  1. lucycarter

    What is a good tweet frequency?

    I would advice you to do 10+ tweets with hashtags. Also, do tweet on trending topic in your country. This will help you get more reach and audience.
  2. lucycarter

    Why SEO is so important?

    SEO or search engine optimization is a process that helps rank your website at top place in google or other search engine results. It involves on page and off optimization that brings organic traffic on your website..
  3. lucycarter

    SEO Backlinks

    I agree with @MrDangem above that creating around hundred quality backlinks related to your website niche is enough. For competitive keywords you need to create more backlinks to achieve top ranking.
  4. lucycarter

    How to Promote News Website ?

    SEO is a good medium but i will suggest you to try social media for this process. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit etc are good for these kind of websites. If you can spend some money on social media, then it will be more effective for your website.
  5. lucycarter

    Facebook vs Twitter - which is more effective?

    Both Twitter and facebook are good medium for promotion but my vote goes to Facebook. It is more effective in generating leads. But firstly you need to have large number of followers in both social media giants then only you can succeed in successful promotions.
  6. lucycarter

    Building a Forum Community

    I would prefer not to use point 2. Creating fake profiles won't help you in long run.
  7. lucycarter

    Why you’re not getting those hyped-up backlinks

    Thank you for sharing this useful post on forum and backlinks. You have provided in-depth analysis on the concept of forum promotions.
  8. lucycarter

    Promotion and SEO Info/Tools

    You have provided a useful information on SEO. This list contains some links which are not working anymore like point 1, 5, 8...etc . Please solve the issue.
  9. lucycarter

    When starting a forum.. you do it alone?

    I prefer doing it alone. If required i hire a freelancer developer to build something special for my forum but otherwise i just invite people to my for discussion. And yes i agree with you using facebook ads, google ads or twitter goods are good for this promotional purpose.
  10. lucycarter

    Are You Wanting To Learn More About SEO?

    Yes, absolutely, SEO metrics like DA, trust flow etc are important factor for getting a good page rank on google. It really helps in getting more leads.
  11. lucycarter

    Social Media

    Yes, Social Media helps in increasing reach of your forum. But you need to make a good strategy and follow it to make people aware of your forum. One more thing, hashtag are important while using social media, using them wisely can pay a lot more dividends.
  12. lucycarter

    Forming a group to launch a forum

    Forming a group before launching a forum is a good idea. It will really help a forum get good exposure.
  13. lucycarter

    Do you do guest posting?

    No, i haven't done it yet but i know a fellow blogger who got good traffic through guest posting. I think i should give it a try.
  14. lucycarter

    Obvious things that hurt SEO?

    low quality content, Not Policing your forum for Bad Actors, Not using appropriate keywords and meta tags - These are things that can really hurt SEO for forum. If you have any more suggestion, then please reply.
  15. lucycarter

    10 websites you wish you knew earlier

    I only knew about the Internet Map from above list. The other 9 website are so amazing. Thank you very much for sharing this amazing post.
  16. lucycarter

    Twitter account promotion

    I completely agree with your explanation. I only prefer to use 3-4 important hashtag related to my tweet.
  17. lucycarter

    How To Make People Know More About Your Forum

    A well executed landing page and promotion on social media will really help you to make people more aware about your forum. Your post is really helpful.
  18. lucycarter

    Giveaways to start-off a forum

    Giveaways are okay as a temporary measure but keep your focus with Social Media Marketing. Use Facebook, Reddit, etc to promote it. Also you can use services of good SEO as suggested by one of the members above.
  19. lucycarter

    Pros And Cons Of Having Dummy Accounts

    You have provided helpful information on usage of dummy accounts. It was really surprising for me to know that Reddit grew by using dummy accounts.
  20. lucycarter

    Do you buy backlinks?

    From SEO point of view, buying backlinks is not good for any website. I would rather build quality backlinks manually for my website.