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    Happy Birthday Fowler!

    Happy Birthday Fowler! You're officially no longer a teen, Old man! :P Have a great day :)
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    A Few New Signatures

    They're not anything special, But I thought they were pretty Creative :) (Similar to the above one, but for a forum with a dark background) They really aren't anything wow, But I like them :)
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    The talk show will air very shortly

    Hi all! I'm happy to announce that the first of our weekly Newsletters and Talk shows will be released this weekend. For more information look below: Talk show: The talk show will be aired live at 8:30pm GMT, 3:30pm EDT on saturday. The show will be hosted on Talkshoe, you can find a...
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    Hey all, I thought I'd make this résumé to see what offers may come my way. I'd like to start off by telling you a little bit about me. My name is Mike, I'm 16, Yes i'm young But I'm mature and that is what really matters. I live in Manchester (UK), but have lived in france for a few years...
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    Clean your balls

    Not sure if this has already been posted before, but even so, for those that haven't seen it: bevJr3Ra84Q
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    Help Redesign FP's Image! - Winner announced.

    Hey all, Me and the other Administrators have come to the conclusion that it would be good for FP if we refreshed our "image", after a discussion on how to do so we decided it would be great to get the community involved in this, which is why we're giving you all the chance to Redesign FP's...
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    Hi GamerS, unfortunately due to the fact that Me and a Moderator had to put up with Forum-Promotion's admin spamming this forum all morning, he has lost the rights to have his site advertised on FP. If you have any questions, please PM me, Mike.
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    Hey all, It's my birthday next week, and i'm looking to buy a netbook. I only want to spend around £200-250 quid Max, i'm not too bothered about specs, but a good battery life is a must, and i want it to look decent :) My sister is selling her netbook for 150 quid, and it's pretty much brand...
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    Happy Holidays!

    Hey all! Have a happy christmas and a great new year everyone, don't get too drunk! Forum Promotion Staff.
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    Christmas Plans

    Hey all, So what is everyone doing for christmas? I'll be flying to England on Christmas Eve, and will be spending christmas day at my nans, but in the evening i'll be going to my aunties so literally the whole of my family is together, we do it every year :)
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    FP has 5000 Members!

    Hey all, I'm very happy to announce that FP now has 5000 members, 102 days ago we hit 4000 members, so we've averaged 9.8 members a day since then :) Our 5000th member was geoffn98, Welcome to the forum and congrulations on being the 5000th member. I'd like to thank every member here as...
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    Happy Go Lucky

    I've just watched a great film, it's called "Happy Go Lucky" and the whole film was very low budget, no big stars or anything like that, a very weak storyline but i still think it's one of the best films i've seen this year. The whole film revolved around a women called poppy, she was...
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    Gadgets you use daily

    Pretty simple really, post the gadgets you use daily, and post pictures if they aren't well known :) Here's my list: -My Ipod touch -Macally flextune dock -42" Philips TV -Pyramat S2500 wireless gaming chair -Xbox 360 -Nokia 6500 slide, black. -Compaq Presario CQ71-200 Notebook
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    Happy birthday Fowler!

    A big happy 19th birthday to Fowler! :happy: :cheer: :great:
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    New Service - Featured Forum

    Hello everyone, I'm very happy to announce a new service has just opened here at Forum promotion! It's called "Featured Forum", this service is 100% unique to FP and should get your Forum a lot of exposure around here as it is situated to the right of the new sleeker quick reply box. For the...
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    English Mayor makes a fool of himself

    O8U1PPG3ZBw -lol- -lol- And i thought boris would stop being a comedian when he became the mayor, i think i've just been proved wrong
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    Type of graphic:(banner,buttons etc) Signature Size of graphic: 500x130 Text: CarMadMike Font(s): (Not Required - but helpful) Color scheme: I want it to go with the car Images*: (direct link to image please) ... copy-1.jpg Forum/Website Link: Notes: i...
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    Happy Valentines day

    Happy valentines day all, anyone got any plans?
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    Mikes Car Modding thread

    Ive decided to start modding cars, this is my first ever try at doing so, so feedback would be great :) Original picture: My Version: Things changed: -Bigger Bumper -Audi Badge removed -Foglights removed -RS4 Badge Added -Sideskirts lowered -Tinted Windows -RS4 wheels added -LEDs added...
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    Type of graphic: Signature Size of graphic: 500 x130 Text: CarMadMike Font(s): (Not Required - but helpful) Color scheme: Erm, go with what you seem best when you see the image/ Images*: (direct link to image please) ... 80x960.jpg Forum/Website Link: None...