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  1. Vaulient

    Paid/Free Seeking To Be A Staff

    Hi guys, I'm going to keep this short and simple :wtf: I'm looking for a forum which is recruiting/looking for experienced moderators or supervisors and such. I've had 3 years of experience being a moderator on a MMO gaming forum with over 2 thousand active users daily and now I'm looking...
  2. Vaulient

    Anime Forum - In need of a team

    This is the forum link : I'm currently in need of a team , at least 5 people . I'm looking for dedicated members who are willing to post and discuss , advertise and moderate . Of course, I don't expect you guys to post or advertise all the time , we all have...
  3. Vaulient

    Thread and post swap [5/5 or more]

    I have a forum , an anime fan base forum for onepunch-man . There are also sections for other animes the link is : Make some threads , if you don't know anything about anime , copy paste from wherever :P As long as it's contents , I'm fine with it. I'm going...
  4. Vaulient

    Zeta Package request

    Site URL: Package (Alpha/Beta/Gamma/Sigma/Kappa/Delta/Theta/Omega/Zeta/Iota): Zeta Total Posts: 10 (including this , 11) Packager Preferences: No preferences on who I'd like to complete this package to Extra Notes: The forum is new , just a few days old :)
  5. Vaulient

    Hey guys..

    So I recently started a forum , thus I was able to find this forum. Though things are very complicated here for me. I have no idea what this caramel things are , and how the promotion stuff works , or where to promote and how it works and ... yeah . Too much questions. Atm I'm just browsing...