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  1. Kik

    Closed Need some GFX work done

    Hey D_S! I played around with a few things in your request and came up with this so far: I've sent you a PM with more specifics and details as well ^_^
  2. Kik

    Selling (domain only)

    I'm looking to sell this domain; It's registered on NameCheap and expires January 1st, 2020. Looking for offers via PM, paypal offers only :) Thank you!
  3. Kik

    Last Design/Graphic Made?

    You're welcome ebbymac! ^_^ Nope! Just Photoshop CS3 Extended :)
  4. Kik

    Last Design/Graphic Made?

    @ebbymac That Wild Side theme looks beautiful :D Jumped into PS for the first time in awhile to make these warn images for a horror forum/request here:
  5. Kik

    FP$ Warning bars

    @Grimalkin Glad you like them! I'll send you a PM with the files :)
  6. Kik

    FP$ Warning bars

    This was my first thought for warnings images for a horror forum :laughing: Let me know what you think! EDIT: Just realized I had a 0% in there too even though you didn't indicate one, but I hope it still works?
  7. Kik

    Kiki, do you love me?

    I'm confused XD
  8. Kik

    $ Forum Promotion Userbars

    If you're still interested feel free to PM me.
  9. Kik

    Hiya! And thanks XD I pop in every now and then. How are ya? :)

    Hiya! And thanks XD I pop in every now and then. How are ya? :)
  10. Kik

    2018 Official Bracket & Off-Topic Chat

    Thank you @TDK! :shame: I appreciate the shout out man xD And congrats on the win! You deserve it. Had my vote all the way! :D
  11. Kik

    2018 Official Bracket & Off-Topic Chat

    Any chance of the forum names being added to the topic titles like the other years? Would making finding the forums we're supporting a bit easier xD Good luck to everyone though!
  12. Kik

    Ask Kik!

  13. Kik

    Ask Kik!

    Aside from The Walking Dead: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Being Human have been my favs ^_^
  14. Kik

    Ask Kik!

    Shows that are still airing: The Flash Humans Game of Thrones Supernatural Vikings iZombie Orange is the New Black Shows that are complete/cancelled: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel Being Human House MD and probably others I'm forgetting :P
  15. Kik

    Ask Kik!

    Hmm I don't think I have one :P The services and the theme! Yep, I've seen all of the episodes. The first season was very hit and miss for me. I think they rushed the downfall of society because they skipped a week or so which I think would have been really interesting to see and for them to...
  16. Kik

    Hiya! :D

    Hiya! :D
  17. Kik

    Ask Kik!

    Don't think so! If I have, it was a loooong time ago :P
  18. Kik

    Last thing on TV you watched

    The Flash