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  1. Luke

    How do you order your CSS properties?

    I found a post on which I thought was quite interesting and it would be interesting to know how our developers in the community order their CSS properties when writing code. For reference, grouped by type means the following: .selector { /* Positioning */ position: absolute...
  2. Luke

    Do you prefer streaming or "having" the song?

    I am wondering how many people here tend to listen to music through things like Spotify or would rather have a copy of the song on their computer to be played through iTunes (or other music players). I don't care if you download songs illegally, I'm more interested in whether you prefer "having"...
  3. Luke

    Do you own our posts?

    Casual question, it's 1:20am at the moment, so bare with me. I clicked that little banner in the footer which says DMCA PROTECTED and was greeted with a page which makes it out to be that we don't own the content we post onto this site since Does this mean that as soon as we submit things...
  4. Luke

    How do you encrypt passwords?

    For those who develop applications using sensitive user data, how do you store passwords? bcrypt, md5 (please don't), plain text (PLEASE DON'T) etc?
  5. Luke

    What are you currently working on?

    So whether it's a personal project or something for work, what are you guys currently developing?
  6. Luke

    Which continent are you on?

    So which continent are you FP members on? I'm technically not on a continent, New Zealand isn't apart of any of the major continents, instead being on a micro-continent called Zealandia which is about half the size of Australia.
  7. Luke

    PHP Switch

    So I was wondering for you PHP people out there, who uses Switch? function get_privacy_text($privacyoption){ switch($privacyoption){ case "0": return "all staff"; break; case "1": return "invite only to view"; break...
  8. Luke


    Name of Host: Site5 Rating (1-10): 9 Uptime and Reliability Site5 has 309 servers which you can observe here: from this it is quite hard to overall say how the uptime and reliability is overall, but I can give you my experiences with the server...
  9. Luke

    Merry Christmas FP!

    Gidday FP! It's officially Christmas here in New Zealand as7 as7 as7 Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas period with friends/family! as33 s1
  10. Luke

    Theme is a little glitchy

    I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but do people find that the old FP theme sometimes glitches out really badly when viewing posts?
  11. Luke

    Site takes ages to load #2

    Since you guys closed a thread which wasn't actually solved.... This seems to be the issue why the site is really slow, something is taking 29 seconds to load: (scroll down to see it).
  12. Luke

    Dotbu (Social Network) Requiring Beta Testers

    Site Name: Dotbu Link to site: Positions Available: Hiya. I'm looking to get some beta testers helping to give Dotbu a good try out so I can try and make sure it's all optimized for a large amount of people using it. The more people the better, so you are more than welcome to...
  13. Luke

    So who here uses PDO?

    So this weekend I am porting all of my social networks code from MySQL (I know tut tut) to PDO. PDO stands for PHP Data Objects and is something you will either find confusing or easy to use. I've found it fairly easy to use once you wrap your head around it, but the syntax isn't all too...
  14. Luke

    Advertise on The Blazon!

    Interested in advertising on The Blazon? Check out our advertising handbook here!
  15. Luke

    Planet Earth Is In Our Hands: And We're Destroying It

    So I have been working hard over the last month working on this video which covers a lot of topics to do with how humans are destroying Earth, nature and animals on Earth. It does feature a bit of animal cruelty, so if that's something you don't want to see close your eyes when I tell you too...
  16. Luke

    Google selling Motorola to Lenovo for $2.91 billion ... rom-google Google has just announced that Lenovo will be acquiring Motorola! Google only bought Motorola not even a year ago for $12 billion! Google did say when they bought Motorola that they were mostly just interested in the patents, but no one...
  17. Luke

    How long does your phone last?

    So now that I finally bothered to get a phone, I've noticed how long they last these days! My phone hasn't been charged for 8 days 10 hours 14 minutes and 12 seconds ago (this is the Galaxy S4). How does your phone go?
  18. Luke

    Speed ad - Mistakes

    So this is an advertisement which is showing here in New Zealand made by our government, I would have to say, it's quite an interesting advertisement in the sense that the ending is quite disturbing, especially the impact with the other car and everything getting twisted away. Puts across a good...
  19. Luke

    Selling three Wordpress themes

    Hello guys, I'm selling three Themeforest Wordpress themes as they've been sitting around collecting dust as I haven't used them anymore. These are for sale for only ONE copy each, as the licence I hold for it allows me to sell it only once. These are some great themes, so first come first...
  20. Luke

    Weclome to 2014.

    It is now officially 2014 here in New Zealand, so happy new year! :great: I guess tomorrow you American's can catch up :lol: