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  1. Hugop

    Looking for Hacktober GitHub repos

    DigitalOcean is hosting its Hacktober event this year, where you contribute to open-source projects to win a t-shirt. Details: I am looking for open-source repos with the Hocktober label to contribute. Post the GitHub link, and participants (including...
  2. Hugop

    Free hosting in exchange of backlink and banner

    I will host your website for free in exchange of a banner ad(advertisement) and a backlink. Server plan: - max 30GB - max 8GB RAM - enough bandwidth - max 300processes - cPanel - max 30 subdomains and MySql databases -max 50 e-mail accounts - no add-on domains (but I can give you another cPanel...
  3. Hugop

    Completed Youtube Wheel vs Creators Wave

    Site Name: Youtube Wheel Genre of Site: Lucky Wheel, YouTube video sharing Link to Site: Type (Forum, Blog, or Website): Website Extra Notes (Optional): Any website welcome. Good luck!
  4. Hugop

    Welcome back thread!

    I wasn't sure where to post a thread describing that I am back on ForumPromotion (and foruming), so I decided to make an "official" thread for everyone that quit ForumPromotion and just came back =)
  5. Hugop

    Need domain name ideas

    I am going to buy a domain that will be used to host multiple forums, meaning it needs to be nice and short. Examples: I will be paying 100FP or 300PEC if I use any of your suggested domains. Make sure the domain name...
  6. Hugop


    Promotion Era has been shut down for a week, sadly. To pay it back, I am going to give the members that have been a member for longer than a week 1000PEC, which is $2 worth. Link:
  7. Hugop

    [PAID] Seeking forum managers

    I am going to open one of those forums with many subforums, like, etc, similar to stackexchange, but not only coding focused. However, this can only happen with a big amount of managers, because I can't manage +50forums by myself. I am looking for 3+...
  8. Hugop

    NameCheap $0.02 XYZ DOMAIN

    For only 2days, NameCheap is offering XYZ domains for only $0.02. This won't last long, instead of buying 1 .com domain, why not buying 500 .xyz domains instead? Hurry, it won't last long:
  9. Hugop

    Hugop posted a reply to a comment.

    I keep getting a notification saying "Hugop posted a reply to a comment." everytime I reply to a comment. How useful, what's next? Notifications everytime I post? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Hugop

    Promotion Era Manager

    As most of you know, Promotion Era lacks staff members. Our services are inactive, same for our staff team and our services. I have been planing to make Promotion Era bigger, with its own phone and PC operating systems app to help them promote their site, but I can't manage everything by my...
  11. Hugop

    Affilate with Promotion Era

    Site Name: Promotion Era Link: What types of forums you want to affiliate with (can be any): Any :) Affilate is located on the footer, image needs to be 88x31. :great: Our affilate image:
  12. Hugop


    I am selling (including 1month free hosting plan of 5GB and unlimited bandwidth that is $3 worth) which is a website purely made for money earning. I am currently earning money via affilate link from SEO Clerks, which is 50clicks daily and, depending who clicks it, $0-$20...
  13. Hugop

    Promotion Era - Thread with +10,000views

    Promotion Era has archived +10,000views on our thread called Community Chat Thread. Not only that, it only needs 1more post to become the first thread with 100replies! Stats page:
  14. Hugop

    Earn 50FP by promoting

    Hi everyone, I am going to give away 50FP if you do the following steps: - Join Promotion Era: - Promote your website in the Era of Promotion section (You need 10posts to promote, do them if you haven't already) - Wait 1day (not necessary, you just have to wait for...
  15. Hugop

    2000posts at Promotion Era

    Promotion Era has finally reached 2000posts. It's a great goal but I think we are behind time and should have reached it faster. Check us out and post a bit to help us reach 3000posts:
  16. Hugop


    Hi, I am going to offer 10posts to your forum for $1. Those 10posts have threads included, and you get a free introduction thread and avatar upload. My interests are webmaster, SEO, coding, anime, entertainment, graphic, photography, science, general chat and many more. If you are interested...
  17. Hugop

    SEO Service - Backlinks and Social Signals

    I am going to manually make DoFollow and NoFollow backlinks to your site to optimize your keywords(SERP) and your presence. I will also increase your social signals to make your site popular from the outside. For 5$, I am going to do all of this to improve your site: - Increase your social...
  18. Hugop

    Free Hosting

    I will give you a hosting plan for free depending on what you want to host. The only thing required is a backlink on the footer, that's it :cheer: This offer is open for people who want to start making a website or for people who want to move their website for financial reasons, hosting...
  19. Hugop

    [PAID] Seeking coder position

    Hi, I am looking for a coder position to increase my coding knowledge and earn some extra money. I can help you make plugins, edit/fix plugins, add features like daily post goal and fix webdesign issues. Code Style: I avoid using JS because it is disabled for some browsers. I store variables in...
  20. Hugop

    [HIRING] Anime Forum

    The forum will be released in May. I am currently hiring moderators, editors and graphic designers for an anime forum that I am about to make. Moderator(6): A moderator needs to move/delete/merge threads/posts on the forum. They have to answer questions that users are going to ask in a...