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  1. JJakez

    I'm back. :)

    Hey y'all. I've been gone for a couple months. I've moved into a new apartment and..all you need to know is that I'm just super happy! :) I'm also ecstatic to see everyone that I haven't seen in a long time. I'll just see you all around, I guess. :)
  2. JJakez

    Looking for a forum partner

    Hello. I'm currently looking for a forum partner to start up a forum. I'm looking for someone who is above the age of 18 and has knowledge of forum softwares and running a forum in-general. I'm leaning towards a graphic design forum, or maybe even a general forum. Nothing has happened yet; just...
  3. JJakez

    Ask Jake!

    Ask me! Not afraid of anything. :playful: (also lost previous thread from couple years ago)
  4. JJakez

    Got bored. Opinions?

    I got bored. I need criticism. Now.
  5. JJakez

    Question Footer Link

    So, this link is in the footer but has nothing to do with FP or the theme. When you click it, it goes to an online fan shop? :yes: Is it permanent or able to be removed?
  6. JJakez


    Hi! I'm back, if you want to say that. Most of you know me as Jake. I left FP about 10 months ago because I wanted to focus on schooling and other things. I got bored, and decided to look around forums again. Anyways, hiii! :cheer:
  7. JJakez

    Looking for used Xenforo license

    Hey! I'm looking for used Xenforo licenses. I will be evaluating each offer, and I WILL reply back to you regarding your offer. Please let me know the price of the license, any extras, and the expiration date. Looking forward to seeing many replies. :) Thanks! -Practical
  8. JJakez

    Exchange w/ ForumPeak!

    Forum Link: Your name on the board: Jake Exchange Details: Forum exchanges should be no more than five topics and fifteen posts. The amount you request for me to do on your forum, I will do the same for your forum. For blog exchanges, I will only do five comments in exchange...
  9. JJakez

    Holiday Plans?

    So, this coming up weekend is Passover and Easter. I celebrate both holidays. I'm having dinner with my family on Friday night, and then going Easter Egg hunting with my baby aunt on Sunday at my clubhouse. If you celebrate these holidays, what are you doing to celebrate them?
  10. JJakez

    Just me.

    This my first "Ask Me" thread. I'm excited what questions you guys have for me! Username: Practical (formerly Xtrandio) Age: 16 Gender: Male Location: Florida, United States Favourite foods & drinks: Eggs, Bacon, Pepsi, and Mac n' Cheese. Favourite bands/music: Jessie J, Maroon 5, and all other...
  11. JJakez

    Featured Site Link - Referral Directory

    Hi there. It seems that The Referral Directory link in featured sites is wrong. The prefix of the link is, then the suffix is I can get to the forum now after realizing the last part of the link, but I'm just making this thread so...
  12. JJakez

    Netflix shows?

    Does anyone have Netflix? If you do, are you addicted to any shows or movies like I am? I'm watching Orange is the New Black right now. I think I'm going to start Grey's Anatomy next. :)
  13. JJakez

    Adding an ad to MyBB header

    Hey, everyone. I'm just setting up my forum and I wanted to add banner ads in the forum header. Someone told me to add "<div style="text-align: center;">" into the header template. The next thing they told me was to add the Adsense code next to it. I don't have adsense. I just have the image...
  14. JJakez

    Seeking Service Team - ForumPeak

    Site Name: Link to site: Positions Available: Service Team - We are looking for three Service Team members for ForumPeak right now. The Service Team's main duties are to complete packages and reviews requested by registered members of ForumPeak. They also...
  15. JJakez

    Import Theme Bug?

    When I try to import a theme on MyBB, everything is put in fine. But when I press "import theme," it goes back to the forum index and the theme doesn't save. I've tried it a few times now; no response. Thanks, Xtrandio.
  16. JJakez

    New Points - MyBB Mod.

    I was wondering if someone can give me instructions on how to manage NewPoints on MyBB. I installed it and everything; I would just like some help enabling it and configuring with it. Thanks, Jake.
  17. JJakez

    Installed MyBB..issue with domain.

    Hi. I installed MyBB from Softaculous and I filled in all the details. When I clicked the link the first time, it said the website could not be found. The second time, the page just went blank. The third time, it's going back to "the website could not be found." I tried reinstalling twice...
  18. JJakez

    20 for $2.00/10 for $1.00

    Hello. I'm offering a quality post service. I'm offering 10 quality posts for $1. I'm also offering 20 quality posts for $2. I'll try to make threads over posts, if the forum niche interests me. I'll throw in a free introduction thread, a detailed profile, an avatar, and I will not post in...
  19. JJakez


    Hey. I've been a user on FP for about 4-5 months now, but I haven't been on in about 4 months due to personal reasons, but I'm back now. I'm technically not new, but I'm back. -Xtrandio
  20. JJakez

    Looking for Forum Work [Admin or Mod Position]

    Hello. I'm looking for a forum job, preferably an administration or moderation position. I've been working with forums for about two years now. I've never owned a forum, but willing to assist with one. I generally use MyBB and Xenforo. If you would like to hire me, please PM me or reply back in...