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  1. Elli

    How to Avoid Using an Anti-Virus

    I don't think any IT specialist worth their salt would recommend not having an anti-virus and anti-malware software installed. Sure, like @Smokey says, you can avoid a lot of trouble just through common sense, but that's not always enough. Bad code can sneak in through vulnerable, but otherwise...
  2. Elli

    MeowsePad's wholesome, beautiful MS Paint creations

    I will accept goblin. Shrek would be an improvement, though.
  3. Elli

    MeowsePad's wholesome, beautiful MS Paint creations

    Is the green thing in the second one Shrek?
  4. Elli

    Eating Out All the Time

    Eating out can cost more than cooking at home, true. It depends where you're eating out vs. what you would cook at home. Obviously, if you're going out for a steak dinner every night, that's going to add up quick. And if you only use fresh, organic, fancy produce and meats in your home cooking...
  5. Elli

    What movie have you seen recently?

    John Wick: Chapter 3, on Sunday
  6. Elli

    Newbie Here..!!

    Hey Lucy, welcome to Forum Promotion!
  7. Elli

    I'm not leaving Forum Promotion

    Does that make you a Hobo Princess? No one says you have to be rich to be royalty.
  8. Elli

    What is your gender?

    I'm female, and identify that way, but am not particularly feminine. I'm just an Elli.
  9. Elli


    My ideal weight would be around 140-150lbs. I'm currently between 170-180lbs, depending on what I've been eating and the time of day. Problem is, I really like snacks :p
  10. Elli

    How often do you lose your cell phone?

    My phone—upgraded every two years—is always nearby. I've lost them a few times, but they were recoverable. Usually inside my house, and usually in the same places. Under the bed, in between couch cushions, in plain site but just forgot (often on the kitchen counter next to my second set of...
  11. Elli


    I always use the same username because it's unique and easy for me to remember. On every type of forum. If I can change the display name, though, I change it to "elli". That is actually my name, albeit a shortened version.
  12. Elli

    What are you proud of?

    Long explanation below! Anyway, big ol' post to say that I'm proud of running a mile a little more quickly than I used to lol. But I felt like the context to what I've built up adds some value to that, so there it is.
  13. Elli

    What are you currently playing?

    The Sims 4
  14. Elli

    How is the Weather?

    Bright and warm, mid-to-high 80s F. We had a quick thunderstorm yesterday, and there's meant to be another on Monday. :)
  15. Elli

    Last thing on TV you watched

    Doctor Who! Before that I'd finished Good Omens on Amazon.
  16. Elli

    How is your posture?

    Every time I see this thread when I visit FP, I straighten myself up lol My posture is generally pretty good. I make an effort to sit properly, but forget after a while and start to slump. My office has adjustable-height desks, which I'll raise every now and then. But that starts to hurt feet +...
  17. Elli

    New Mac Pro 2019, thoughts?

    That $999 stand is ridiculous. I have no idea how they can justify that price. As far as the computer itself goes, the highest-tier specs are insane. 28 cores? 1.5TB of memory? That's a lot of power (albeit the 28-core CPU base clocks at only 2.5Ghz). Of course, that's what the market for this...
  18. Elli

    Last thing on TV you watched

    Supernatural (on Netflix)
  19. Elli

    Using a VPN

    I only use a VPN if I'm up to something sketchy, which isn't often anymore. TorGuard is one I've subscribed to in the past; it's supposedly one of the few VPN services that don't store any of your activity, so even if the government tried to access it, they couldn't since it was never saved. But...
  20. Elli

    Do you create "alt" or fake member accounts on your own site?

    @Shannon Apple That's messed up. I would feel so upset if I had mourned someone only to find out that they never existed. Ugh... This didn't even happen to me and I'm upset. What happened to that guy afterward? Did he stick around, or leave?