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  1. JJakez

    Hello/Goodbye Thread #4

    Goodnight, Empire! :D
  2. JJakez

    How many PMs do you have?

    I have 24 pages. :openmouth:
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    Hey! Welcome to ForumPromotion. :)
  4. JJakez

    Saw Ariana Grande last night! :OOOOO

    Saw Ariana Grande last night! :OOOOO
  5. JJakez

    Christianity Haven has reached 7,000 threads!

    Congratulations! :openmouth:
  6. JJakez

    Private sub-forums?

    On Webmaster.College, we just have a staff forum. :P
  7. JJakez

    Worst Remake

  8. JJakez

    Posting at work or school

    Yes. I always have downtime at work. And when I mean always...I mean ALWAYS. I'm mostly researching decor for my apartment, scrolling through FaceBook, or on forums.
  9. JJakez

    What is your favorite free graphics editing software / app ?

    Canva is highly used nowadays. Like you said, GIMP and Pixlr are good ones as well. There aren't many. If you're looking for a Photoshop-alternative, I'd choose GIMP.
  10. JJakez

    The Community Team is accepting applications!

    Good luck to all applicants!
  11. JJakez

    Gold Group

  12. JJakez

    Gold Group

  13. JJakez

    Gold Group

    Hecc yeah.
  14. JJakez

    Free Moderator for a new and unique Webmaster forum

    We are still looking for a community moderator for Webmaster.College! Weekly/daily tasks include (but not limited to): Moderating the forum as whole Posting at least 12 posts per week Keeping staff leader up-to-date regarding absences If you are interested, please shoot me a private message...
  15. JJakez

    My Resignation From Forums

    Be good to yourself. Thank you for all you contributed to Forum Promotion. :)
  16. JJakez

    Directory Website

    Personally, I don't like the idea of directory sites. If I'm looking for a particular website, I'll look up a keyword on google followed by "website". If I'm looking for a forum, I usually go to the community forums of major forum platforms and I'll go through their forum directory, along with...
  17. JJakez

    Chatting Time is Back

    Posts have increased rapidly within a week. Congratulations! :)
  18. JJakez

    JoyFreak's Custom 404 Page

    Looks neat and simple. Well done. :D
  19. JJakez

    Became a forum sponsor! :)

    Became a forum sponsor! :)
  20. JJakez

    I did! It turned into a tan. :cool:

    I did! It turned into a tan. :cool: